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World Testicle Cooking Championship


World Testicle Cooking Championship

World Testicle Cooking Championship

World Testicle Cooking Championship

The next "World Testicle & Aphrodisiac Cooking Championship" will take place on 2nd September 2011 at the prominent tourist resort the Ovcar Banja spa. With its beautiful nature, Ovcar Banja ( Cacak Serbia ) and its famous gorge offer many opportunities for an active quality weekend besides the competition for winning the world champion title in cooking aphrodisiacs and testicle delicacies.

We are inviting you to join the championship and prepare yourself in the best way for the new season of work obligations by competing for the world champion title. At the same time we want to invite to join our competition for the bravest person on the planet in 2011
We hope you'll take some time to read the rest of our website content and register your team.

We invite you to gather your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, to create your team and prove that you too have balls to show to the world! Cross your ladles with other teams, win one of the awards and the world fame! Fun is guaranteed!

We invite all goodwill people who are ready for new friendships and breaking down prejudice! Individuals and groups, restaurants, cooking schools and all those who want to show their cooking skills from allover the world are invited.

(Svetu treba ponuditi dobra muda)

Nobody thought at the beginning that this championship would experience the world fame. Following the first competition on 30th October 2004, more than 600 world websites and prominent media networks published the news on the first WORLD TESTICLE COOKING CHAMPIONSHIP. Afterwards, chefs from Norway, Finland, Bosnian Serb Republic, Macedonia, Australia, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, the U.S.A., Canada, Hungary, as well as an increased number of chefs from Serbia, started to gather on this occasion.

See short videos:

About festival:

WTCC BallCup takes place always in a natural ambient, promoting return to nature and healthy nutrition.

In that way, the championship preserves the authentic preparation of testicle delicacies, originating centuries ago. Chefs have here to show their skills without using any modern cooking equipment or luxurious restaurants kitchens - competitors use natural goods, such as woods, old-fashioned kettle, earthenware, vegetables and spices from the garden.

Skills and knowledge is what counts. It is not so simple to become the best in this discipline.
All teams are composed of six members: two cooks, two assistants, a stoker and a hygienist. Besides a culinary talent, originality - the way a team presents itself and its meal to the public - is also being evaluated.

See who is cooking:

So far, WTCC BallCup participants have prepared meals using testicles of 16 different kinds of animals: bull, ram, boar, stallion, shark, ostrich, kangaroo, donkey, rooster, turkey, billy goat, moos, reindeer, roebuck, deer, bear. Besides the essential ingredient, testicles, the participants used in preparation of their delicacies organic vegetables and spices plucked in garden.

It is of utmost importance that there are no chemicals and pesticides in food, and that all ingredients are natural as they used to be once upon a time.

See testicle specialties:

Experiences of people who tasted food prepared with testicles proved testicles as an extraordinary aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual energy. Serbian ruler Milos Obrenovic was known by consuming testicles often and famous as a great Don Juan.

Read about testicles nutrition:

Very important part:

An international jury, composed of eminent experts, evaluates the meals in a professional and justified way. The jury rates colour, taste, smell, spices balance, looks, as well as the best looking camp, the hottest meal, the most original recipe, the funniest joke. Curious visitors decide on which of the delicacies is the most stimulating one, meaning what meal is the best aphrodisiac.

Besides the culinary art, The World Testicle Cooking Championship presents a group of people who have courage to offer the world a fully new dimension in understanding life and its values. Such people are stunt masters, pilots, physicians, firemen, soldiers, parachutists, alpinists, Formula 1 drivers, as well as individuals who have bravely saved other people lives - people with big hearts and balls to carry out great deeds.

Since the last year, the Championship issues an international certificate for the bravest act carried out each year. We shall choose The Ballsy Man of the Year.

We will have this year the 8th championship. The event will take place from 2nd to 4th September 2011 in the Serbian tourist town of Ovcar Banja, spa near Cacak. Besides cooking, competition itself and recreation, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy nature of the Ovcar-Kablar gorge, a river, mountains, and a great tourist infrastructure, including a camping place, sports grounds and swimming pool with thermal water - an ideal location for an event such as WTCC BallCup.

All about 2011 info:

- The happening takes place at the Balls Village, a camping place, set a day before the start of the event, on Friday, by the competition teams enjoying the party until dawn.
- On Saturday, starts the official part of the championship when skilled chefs cross their ladles in the pitched battle for the world champion. Competition starts in the afternoon, while the winners are announced late afternoon.
Visitors can enjoy various music: evergreen, rock&roll, jazz, old city music, and good old folks songs. The evening is reserved for rock concerts and partying in the camp.

As part of the event, visitors can taste traditional Serbian food and drink rakija - plum brandy, learn something about forgotten handcrafts, watch Serbian folk dance.
- On Sunday, before getting ready to leave, teams take part at the joint lunch prepared by the winner, having fun and sharing their views and impressions on the championship and making plans for further gatherings outside of the championship.

Visiting WTCC BallCup will give you an opportunity to see Serbia as it is, in the authentic way, without any make up.

Regardless of its unusual title "World Testicle Cooking Championship", this unique competition does not cross the line towards vulgarity in any moment. There is no striptease, exposing naked bodies, drinking competition, etc. Everything is in purpose of good mood, fun and home atmosphere.

There is no fee, or other costs, just your personal - food and sleeping (camp, room...).

If you like to cook and to represent your country on championship, be free to show your skills and your national aphrodisiac specialty! Ask for help! Very often couchsurfers with other people become famous around the planet in entertainment news.

Or just visit event and have fun.

Things you can see around:

ACCOMMODATION: There is camp, price about 2-3E per day. There are rooms with price 12E/person.
Wild camping is not forbidden; just environment of the gorge doesn't have much flat areas. But if you find some hidden place, it's yours!


More about event:

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