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Naadam fest in Mongolia
This is the most macho tough guy event in the world with awesome traditions and strong, potent drinks to keep your spirits high.

Near Death Fiesta SpainNational Winter Ales
National Winter Ales in Manchester: England's answer to Oktoberfest, taste hundreds of beers from around the world with lots of local entertainment

Nava Cider Fiesta
Enjoy a few days of the traditional Spanish Sidra pouring fiesta.

Near Death Experience Festival
Rejoice and remember those of the nearly departed.

New year eve Times SquareNew Years Eve in Time Square
New Years Eve in Time Square is the best place to celebrate the past and rejoice to the future. 1 million people gather for this awesome street party.

Nimbin Mardi Grass
Australia’s celebration of everything natural, side effects guaranteed.

Noantri Romes procession to Madonna.

Nova Rock
Nova is one of Europes biggest music fests with the top names and over 100,000 people.

Nottinghill Carnival
This Calypso danceathon with Afro-Caribbean drums brings over a million people to the streets of London every August.

Naked in Japan Japan celebrates the Lunar New Year with no clothes on !

Nowhere Fiesta
Europes answer to Burning Man in the deserts of Spain. Leave your inhibitions at the city.

Naked Bicycle Ride in Brighton
Take a three hour 2 wheeled spin through Brighton, naked, to a nudist colony.

Naked Bicycle Ride Brighton


Oktoberfest in Munich
Oktoberfest in Munich this Beerfest is the best reason in the world to party. Fourteen beer tents and 8 million people create the ultimate atmosphere.

Opener is Polands awesome music, film & theatre fest with big names, 7 stages, cheap quality beer and sun drenched campsites guarenteed.

Ivrea Carnaval OrangesOrange Throwing at the Ivrea Carnival
Orange throwing in Ivrea, Italy is a different type of world carnaval. Your travel insurance policy won't cover this.

Original Bicycle Fest
Scotland’s sixteen day celebration of bicycles.

Oruro Carnaval by Tomke-AnthropoturistaOruro Carnival
Waterbombs, dancing devils and everything you need to know for this Bolivian Festival.

Ireland's largest music festival, it has featured all the biggest names in world music and with like silent tents, rivalled only by Glastonbury for best music event in Europe.


Palio di Siena
Palio di Siena - an epic traditional Italian horse race dating back hundreds of centuries. The Siena locals celebrate in a medieval fashion as 17 different areas fight against one another.

Paris Music Fete
Free gigs and performances throughout Paris friom some of the world’s best musicians.

Palio Sienna Italy Festival

Paris Techno Parade Fest
The romantic city turns to chaos as techno floats and blocos weave their way around the streets with clubs and after parties galore to see you into the morning.

Penis day in Japan
Penis Celebrations in Japan ? Honen Matsuri is a day of crazy rejoicing worshiping everything wangtastic.

Phujllay Festival Bolivia join the celebration of defeat over the conquistadors. We have all the details and info here.

Pirate Fest The Contraband Days
Pirate Fest - Louisiannas Contraband Days where old sea dogs meet, fun for the family and Captain Morgan too. Can ye say Ye-arrrr ?

Pisa Regatta Thousands flock to the banks of the Arno to witness this Italian Festival.Paris Music Fest

Pourcailhade - a French boom devoted to prime pigs celebrated high in the Pyrnee Mountains

Pride Fest in Brighton
This world fest the UK’s biggest and best Pride Fest.

Pride NY
See the big apple of New York turn pink for a week of celebrations

Pig Festival France Pulilan Carabao Pulilan Carabao is the celebration of Saint Isidro but it's really just a good excuse for painting water buffaloes and partying.

Puck Fair
Puck Fair -Goat worshipping ? only in Ireland. This is Ireland's second biggest celebration after St. Paddys day. The population of Kerry increases by 100,000 people for 4 days.

Belgiums biggest Music fest with almost 150,000 people rocking out, all the latest news here.

Boi Bumba Brazil


Quebec/Bonhomme Carnaval
This is the biggest winter party in the world complements of the jolliest mascot : The Bonhomme.


Rainbow Serpent Music
The Rainbow Serpent Music Festival providing everything from techy grooves to psychedelic funk. Australia's answer to Burning Man.

Rattlesnake Roundup
The people of Sweetwater Texas hold an annual celebration of all that is rattlesnake.Love Parade Germany

Since 1971 this legendary music event has delivered the biggest names in the world, we have all the info for the next Reading Fest.

Redeemer Venice’s favourite festival.

Regatta Storico The biggest event on Venice’s regatta circuit.

Celebrate the New Year in Brasilian beach party style.

Rijeka Carnival
Rijeka Carnival this festival was originally celebrated by Austrian and Hungarian aristocrats but today the world is welcome to this ugly mask party.

Calgary Stampede Rodeo

Rivers and Spires
Rivers and Spires Festival a three day outdoor festive event in Historic Downtown Clarksville, Tennessee 5 stages of entertainment, International Streetfest & Jazz'N Wine area.

Rock AM
The West of Germany’s biggest rock fest featuring the biggest names in music.

Pulilan Caraboa Philippines Rock IM
The East of Germany’s biggest rock fest featuring the biggest names in music.

RockNess music fest on the banks of legendary Loch Ness in Scotland, the voter best newcomer electro danceathon all the details for the upcoming year.

Romeria Del Rocio
As Europes largest pilgrimage ends, this great Spanish fiesta kicks off.

Rose of Tralee
Tralee explodes with parties and great craic for Irelands best beauty pageant.

Running of the nudesRunning of the Nudes
PETA and Pamplona’s naked protest to Fiesta San Fermin .

Rock Werchter
tickets and line up info: we have the latest news for the next Werchter music festival here. A legendary music festival has delivered the biggest names in the world...

Sundance Film Festival Jack BlackRoskilde
Roskilde Music Festival Denmarks greatest party amazing music acts from the world especially metal acts.


Santa Run
Join the Welsh village of Newtown in a record attempt every year.

Santísima Sangre
Valencias celebration of Christ where locals are chased in off a pier by a bull.

San Sebastians Drum Fiesta Beat the January blues away with this Spanish Fiesta.

Scoppio Del Carro FlorenceSasquatch
America’s biggest Indie music fest also featuring the best in world music.

Scarecrow Fete in Moringhem
This is France’s creepiest fete in a tiny rural village- the stuff of horror movies

Scoppio Del Carro
Celebrate Easter Sunday in Florence with a procession , fireworks and a late night.

Secret Garden Party LondonSecret Garden Party
London’s hippest fest with fun games and no rules a la Burning Man. Held in a secret location.

Seven Sisters Festival Lovers day in Hong Kong: An Eastern matchmaking festival.

Semana Santa
Seville is alive with processions as millions line the streets with parades.

Canadas awesome electro tunes fest with world class djs located in the middle of nowhere with mud and an intimate crowd of 10,000.

47 Samurai x 47 A re-enactment in Tokyo of stealth warriors.

Santa Run WalesSingapore M1 Fringe
Singapore M1 Fringe 2009 the theme is Art&Family there are already lots of acts confirmed with loads of street performers promising to be there too. The cutting edge in performance.

Snake Festival Worship a statue with live snakes in Cocullo.

Sisters Meal Chinas Valentines day of sorts… check it out if you like to play games.

Sonar in Barcelona
Sonar Music fest tickets and line up info: we have the latest news for the next Sonar music fest here. A legendary electro techno music and arts fest

Songkran Water Fight
Songkran Water Fight: celebrate the new year in Thailand and enjoy the party in Chang Mai.

Sonna Matsuri Floats continue all night in Takayama.

South West Four SW4 Londons awesome August Bank holiday event.

Via-Reggio-carnavalSpring Break
Spring Break Daytona/Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in the Caribbean: renowned for wild fun everyday.

St. Anthonys Day, Lisbon
This is Portugals answer to St Patricks Day, with a carnival atmosphere, parades, dancing and singing throughout the streets of Lisbon.

St Anthonys Day in Spain
Celebrate the patron saint of animals by running through fire on a horse.

St. Jeromes Laneway
Laneway packs thousands of people into Australias laneways boiled by the Summer heat then blares cutting edge music down their ears.

Glastonbury Music FestivalSt. Patricks Day
Paddy's Day the world's greatest festival - celebrate in Ireland, America or anywhere in the world. Slainte !

St Urho Day
Is this a real festival or Finlands protest to the infectious celebrating of St Patricks Day.

Stagecoach fest
Coachella Valleys Country n Bluegrass fest awesome acts from Kid Rock to Kenny Chesney.

Mali Desert Festival EssakaneStarkbierzeit in Munich Strong Beer Fest
Starkbierzeit - forget Munich's Oktoberfest- take a break from your lenten fast at the strongest beer festival in the world. Expect ZERO recollection.

Stuttgart Volkfest
Stuttgart Volkfest is Germany's second biggest beer festival after the Oktoberfest in Munich. With less tourists at the Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen hence there is more beer per person!

Sunburst Kuala Lumpur
Sunburst: Kuala Lumpurs newest music festival looks set to bring thousands more every year with excellent line-ups & quirky entertainment.

Sziget Festival Budapest

Sundance Film Fest
Sundance Film Festival 2009: every January in Park City Utah, this year will remember Redford's great friend Paul Newman

Surin Elephant Celebration
Surin Elephant Festival pays the mightiest animal in the world a thousands complements as the elephants display their capabilities and are worshipped so.

Swans & Ladders An ancient battle of Italian quarters.

Sydney Performing Arts Fest 2009
Sydney Festival 2009, the biggest & best theatre & performance festival in Australia with lots of free events.

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
Sydney Mardi Gras: A street filling event of parades and entertainment hosted by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian community. Fun for all regardless of sexual orientation.

Hungarys biggest music festival featuring music performers from around the world.

Songkran  Water Fest Thailand


T in the park
T in the Park tickets & line up. An awesome Scottish festival with names like the Killers, REM & Green Day.

Tar Barrel Carrying
Tar barrel carrying originated in 1688, or did it ? who cares it's a 17 stage pub crawl with father and son competing with tar barells on fire.

Tamworth Country Music Festival Country and west music festival in NSW.

Temple Bar Tradfest
Temple Bar Tradfest a great music celebration in Dublin's culture quarter with traditional musicians playing in every bar.

Testicle Festival
Have a ball in the Rockies in Clinton Montana

Thaipusam in PenangThaipusam in Penang
Thaipusam in Penang is a celebration of the Kevadi. People perform fascinating feats and exercise exreme will power in the name of religion.

Celebrate the New Year in April in Burma with a five day festival culminating in a waterfight.

Tropfest the Australian short film festival 1 month of 7 minute pieces with a finale in Sydney.

Triangle Beach Music Fest
Triangle beaches well established music fest welcomes in the Summer with open arms and awesome events.

Pingsi Lantern Festival China

Triangle Beach Spring Fling
Ok Spring Break in North Carolina ain’t nuthin’ new but a three day weekend packed full of live music, funny events and good times is. Check out the news here.

Easter in Tullamore Tra-Fest One of the best places to celebrate to Easter holidays in Ireland.

Turkey Parade
Join the poultry & Farmers of Licque parading with pride throughout the streets.


UFO FestivalUFO Festival
Roswell. The scene of an alien landing. Or was it ...either way people celebrate it for a weekend every year.

Up Helly AA
It’s a Viking party setting not just the night but the whole Norse ship alight.Up Helly AA Shetland Isles


V Fest tickets, line up & updates. V has provided awesome dance, pop & world music performers.

Valentines Day in Italy Celebrate love in San Valentinos hometown.

Vappu Festival in Finland a Viking celebration of Spring Break and Summertime as Helsinki students party on.

Venice Carnival
Venice Carnival the biggest fancy dress celebration in the world dating back to 1268AD before the term fancy dress existed !

Verona opera FestivalVerona Opera Festival
Enjoy the world’s best opera in an amphitheatre dating back to 30BC.

Viana Do Bolo Spains carnival with a difference as this pre-lent fest breaks out in a flour fight.

Viareggio Carnaval
Celebrate carnaval Italian style for four weeks in Viareggio.

Victorian Festival
Step back in time as Llandrindod reels back the years to reveal a festival of Victorian tradition.

Cowal Highland Games


Wacken Open Air
Wacken Open Air, Germany's metalfest will get your head rockin'- everything from death metal to folk metal and over 60,000 people.

Wagon Wheel Country Music Fest
Two days of great country music, BMX, Mechanical Bull, cook offs, auctions and much more.

Wash the Bonfim
One of the oldest traditions of Brasil where a church is worshipped, followed by … a carnaval of course.

Water Drawing Fest The climax of the Shuni-E festival.Water Drawing Festival

Wasserschlacht festival is a hilarious water fight between 2 districts at the peak of Summer heat.

White Night in Rome Celebrate 24 hours of light in the Eternal city.

Wickerman Scotland’s cult Music & Pagan Festival.Woodford Folk Festival Australia

Woodford Folk Festival
Get back to the root traditions of Aborigine culture AT Australias biggest indigenous festival.

World Cultures of Dublin
Dublins culture fest featuring artists and acts from all over the world.

Zurich Street Parade Switzerland’s biggest street party and electro music fest.

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