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Thingyan Water Festival

Thingyan Water Festival

When & Where Thingyan Water Festival takes place during the Burmese New Year which occurs around Mid-April in Burma.

The next Thingyan is April 13th 2011.

Burma Water Festival Yangon

What to expect Four days of chilling out : then BOOM everyone runs out on New Years Day with supersoakers, bags, buckets, water bombs and in one case a bath that you could tip over- (don’t ask) the whole country celebrates and the night is long.

Getting there Book a flight into any of Burmas airports here.

Thingyan Water-Festival Burma

Where to stay Burma and particularly Yangon (Rangoon) has plenty of cheap accommodation and excellent hotels available here

Burma Thingyan Festival History It’s origins are Hindu: Arsi lost a wager to the Śakra who decapitated Arsi as agreed but put the head of an elephant on the Brahma's body. Brahma then became Ganesha. Ganesha couldn’t handle the power of the head and so asked princess devi to share the load- one year on , one year off. The new year signifies the changing overof the Brahma's head.

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