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The Kazantip Republic

by Anna
(Ukraine, Kyiv)

The Kazantip Republic

The Kazantip Republic

When is it ?

Every year the dates change, but as usual it starts on July 31st and lasts at least two weeks.

where is it ?

It is located in Ukraine, Crimea peninsula, Popovka village.
You could say no music event is worse such a long way but believe, Kazantip does!

What should we expect ?

The KaZantip Republic is often compared with Ibiza and Burning Man. It probably seems to them that the KaZantip Republic as well as Ibiza is just a month long open-air party near the sea - DJs, beautiful girls, dancers and never-ending show. Or, like Burning Man, it's a hangout for freaks and psychos obsessed with self-expression and neo paganism of fire worship.

Official website?


Info guide, hotels and car service http://www.facebook.com/zaliens.net

Maybe you know the history ?

The KaZantip Republic came along with other ideas from the head of a man who was badly displeased with the ordinary world around him. He didn't try to criticize it, or worse, to fix it, he simply created his own one - his own Orange Land with its own laws, and made himself its PreZident. And since it's all due to his imagination, The KaZantip Republic is an imaginary republic.

There are so many things which I could tell you about Kazantip Republic but it may take a few days to write:) It's a place which you should visit once to fall in love for all your life...as me and a lot of other people in the world. It's difficult to explain what Kazantip is and it can only be felt..
To get a little more understanding of this special place I would like to advise you to watch a few videos about it. Enjoy and see you there!


A lot of information about Kazantip you can find here www.z-aliens.net

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