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The Kazantip Republic

by anna hot

The KaZantip Republic is a nonexistent state somewhere under the sun, which may remind to onlookers something of a festival. It is located in Ukraine, Crimea peninsula, Popovka village.
You could say no music event is worse such a long way but believe, Kazantip does!

The KaZantip Republic came along with other ideas from the head of a man who was badly displeased with the ordinary world around him. He didn't try to criticize it, or worse, to fix it, he simply created his own one - his own Orange Land with its own laws, and made himself its PreZident. And since it's all due to his imagination, The KaZantip Republic is an imaginary republic.

It's pretty small country, the area of which is about 2 km2 of a beach. Despite its smallness, republic can afford about 10 dance floors, 30 bars and restaurants, 2 open air cinema halls, 3 kitesurfing stations and an amount of weird architectural structures. All of this is fitted with light and sound and, when the night comes down, it looks pretty much like an extraterrestrial space base.

The nonexistence of the KaZantip Republic for the rest of the exhausted world makes its significant independency. It lives by its own constitution; it has its own great nation, small president and lolable government, responsible for the most important things in the state, such as sound and light, love and good humour, virtual deeds and illusions.

There is also a visa regime, a bureau of customs, national traditions and the official religion - belief in the reality of miracles and Happiness.

Kazantip has its own community which consists of Freaks, 100 of Pink Princesses, Yellow Suitcases builders, Cosmogipsies, Robots who lives at the Masa territory of Kazantip and many other extraordinary beings..

Kazantip is the place where all Dj's dream to play! Paul Van Dyk, Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren, James Zabiela, Infected Mashrooms, Ricardo Villalobos, Ferry Corsten, BT and many-many other world famous dj's already in love with Kazantip and dream to come back again. Some of them like Armin Van Burren, Gaia - Tuvan, BT - Emergensy and Serge Devant@Kazantip 2010, KLF - 3 AM eternal even make a music videos there.

There are so many things which I could tell you about Kazantip Republic but it may take a few days to write:) It's a place which you should visit once to fall in love for all your life...as me and a lot of other people in the world. It's difficult to explain what Kazantip is it can only be felt..
To get a little more understanding of this special place I would like to advise you to watch a few videos about it. Enjoy and see you there!



The official sites www.kazantip-republic.com or www.kazantipa.net

The Kazantip Republic Guide for booking and more information about traveling to Kazantip in English www.z-aliens.net

Our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/zaliens.net

P.S. And one more thing. The sunsets there are amazing as in a fairytale

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