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The Electronic Worlds Festival

(Shanghai, china)

Electronic Worlds Festival

Electronic Worlds Festival

*LLND, in partnership with the embassy of France in China and within the framework
of the french festival croisements and the festivities of the french national music day, present:


- June 18th/26th 2010

It is a sound fusion between French and Chinese artists. Noise + Asia helped organised the south China part of the tour. 9 artists will participate flying from France, Chengdu, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Evenings are in two parts :

-1st one the artists meet and play in french-chinese audio-video duos for 20 to 30mn, sound is more live and experimental.
For example:

Claude Yvans, french who toured a lot since the 70's with amazing poetry, deep voice , live electronics and video, will play with Dickson Dee from hong kong who runs the label noise + asia , and performs under many names and styles such as cut ups, turtablism, noise, soundscapes... .

There will also be a Audio Flow from Paris doing a live act with E machines close to dubstep and techno, he will play with Li Daiguo (half american-chinese from chengdu), classical chinese instruments virtuoso who plays in a performative post modern way.

*LLND, intermedia artists duo with more than 15 years of experience in the electronic world, *LL builds his own instruments and plays sounds beyond music, *ND invented the kinoloops to produce a stunning surrealistic Visual Live Act by using a set up of objects cameras and video mixers, together they synchronize the sound and the image to enhance the sensory experience, they will play with B6 the most famous shanghaiese live electronics artists playing deep and unique sounds(shanghai).
LON, french of Shanghai, oscillating between ambient and break, his music is dark, atmospheric and hypnotic. Always looking for new ways to bring life to the sound, he will play with Yan Jun, poet and renouned beijing based, sound artist who is experimenting with different mediums the sound waves and frequencies.

- the 2nd parts are more about the Dance Music projects of the artists Audioflow (Dubstep-Techno),
Dickson Dee ( Minimal), B6 (Minimal Techno), *LLND (Audiovisual Drumandtech), Lon ( Electrobreaks)

More infos: www.electronicworlds.org

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The Electronic Worlds Festival NEW
by: Anonymous

You are so higher of within the Netherlands; however you will not have a haul finding hardcore festival in Kingdom of Belgium too. Essay Writing Service . We're not constant country, however our culture may be a ton alike and from the middle of the Kingdom of Belgium in the middle of a European country is simply a two hour drive. For Dub step, acid house music, NEW BEAT (!!!!) or close and tokens techno, that is my favorite quite electronic music, I might say the Kingdom of Belgium.

by: Julio

I don't recognise these djs- not sure how good this event will be..

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