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The Chosen Few

by Darren Pollard
(Chicago USA)

Best House Music Picnic in the World

Best House Music Picnic in the World

Don't snooze on this one!

Dj Wayne Williams started dj'ing dance music in 1974. By 1977, Wayne had become so popular that he needed help to keep up with the demand for his dj services. Wayne then taught his brother, Jesse Saunders, how to dj and from there the two teamed up to dj parties all over the Chicagoland.

As Wayne and Jesse became even more popular, Wayne decided he needed more help, so he began to assemble what would become the legendary dj crew, THE CHOSEN FEW. First Dj Tony Hatchett was added to the group, followed a year later by popular south side DJ Alan King. Another year later, the Chosen Few gave Andre Hatchett his first chance to dj in front of a live audience, and Andre was added to the mix. And thus became the Chosen Few Dj's.

Beginning in the late 70's, the Chosen Few played at numerous parties and at legendary venues including Sauer's, First Impressions, Tree of Life and The Loft. To celebrate their days as pioneers of the underground style of dance music that would become to be known as House music, in 1990 the Chosen Few got together with 100 or so friends and held the first Chosen Few picnic.

Over the last 17 years, the picnic has grown into the premier house music event in the world. Held each 4th of july weekend in Chicago house music reunion picnic now regularly attracts thousands from throughout the united states and beyond to hear the Chosen Few Dj's play their unique soulful brand of Chicago house music.

In 2006, the Chosen few added their first new member in almost 30 years, legendary Dj and producer Terry Hunter. We warmly welcome Terry to the Chosen Few family.

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