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Tar Barrel Carrying

Tar Barrel Carrying

When & Where The Tar Barrel Carrying festival in Devon occurs 5th November - Guy Fawkes night in Ottery St. Mary Devon in the South West of England.

History Believed to first have occurred in 1688. A few theories are thrown around. Perhaps it is derived from an ancient Pagan ritual which cleansed the streets of evil spirits. Another theory lends itself to the idea of fumigation. This is the tradition of placing burning barrels in shops. The important thing is that the reason for this celebration has been lost in the tides of time and today it’s regarded as the best way to spend Guy Fawkes day & night.

Devon Burning Barrel Festival

Getting there You can book a flight to any UK airport here or book a train anywhere in the UK here.

Tar Barrel Festival

Lighting Tar Barrels Each tar barrel is lit in front of it’s sponsoring pub. The barells are hoisted onto the carriers back and he now has the liberty to roam through the crowds any direction he pleases. When he has had enough ploughing through the crowds he passes the burning barrel onto the next participant and the same sequence applies again – roam around around and pass it on.

Accommodation There are great bed & breakfasts, hostels & hotels in Ottery St. Mary & Devon here.

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