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Surin Elephant Festival

Surin Elephant Festival

Surin Elephant FestivalWhen & Where The Surin Elephant Festival occurs the third Saturday of November. The Elephant Stadium in Surin. The North-East of Thailand near Cambodia, known to the locals as I-San.

The Elephant Roundup This is when over two hundred of the elephants are assembled to show off their skills they have spent the year perfecting. The Elephants dance, race, play soccer and of course play tug of war against the local men.

Surin Elephant Round up

Surin Elephant Roundup Surin Festival History Local people are renowned for their ability to capture, tame & train wild elephants from the forests of neighbouring country Cambodia. However due to civil war in Cambodia these areas are inaccessible. Due to this the elephants numbers are in decline in Cambodia as they require more help. With a limited number of elephants in Surin locals are forced to train the elephants and tour the country providing shows to make a living.

Accommodation Thailand has lots budget hotels and quality accommodation in Korat and Surin available here.

Getting there You can fly to Chang Mai airport.

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