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STEPS in the Ukraine

STEPS in the Ukraine

STEPS in the Ukraine
STEPS International Rights Film Festival

12-15 November 2010 in the Ukraine

“Steps” International Rights Film Festival the first film festival covers such a wide range of rights topics: human rights, animal rights, environment protection. The festival also accepts philosophical and ideological films, films on social and political problems.

The main aim of the festival is to attract attention of the community to prejudices and cruelty in the modern world, where human rights violations come with animal kingdom oppression. Many barbarous manners and prejudices are often ignored and considered as normal.

That’s why works of creative people will help the audience understand that every person is responsible for everything that is going on around them, will help to see our life from a another side.

The festival aims to disclose rights topic as widely as possible in order to show people the way to high ideals and values. By means of their films filmmakers can not only inform people but also build a compassionate society.

STEPS festival shows its audience such things that are extremely important but unknown by many. Everybody must see this “inconvenient truth”!

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