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Shout it out loud Festival

Shout it out loud Festival

Shout it out loud Festival

Cheers friends of the hard, dirty and nazzty rock,

Sleazer, Rocker & Metal-heads, and last but not least: Hello ladies,
Welcome on the 4th Shout It Out Loud Festival!
After the last festival have been teetered on the brink, we decided to do another version
of the festival. It was a success for everyone of us, the festival has been sold out, because
we moved to a smaller venue and so we got countless encouragements from fans all around Europe. So we've decided to move on with balls on the wall!!

Shout it out loud Festival

The 4th SIOL Festival will take place on Friday 5th April 2013 in the "Glückaufhalle" in Duisburg, Germany.

The venue is twice as big as the last venue in Wetter, so it definitely provides enough space for every visitor, without looking to big, and has a a great and big stage,
which will be filled with life by international top acts we've chosen for you.

In front of the venue you will find a big parking lot and for all those of you,
that are travelling by train or bus or whatever, the venue is centrally located
so you will have a perfectly connection to local public transport. This Year we have a special outside area for relaxing or just to have a few minutes on fresh air.

We hope we can embrace you all again in the best mood, and would like to point to our Christmas Special. For everyone who is ordering a original hardticket or VIP ticket before 31st of December he will not only get the tix, he will also get a Shirt ( or a girlie ) for free as an extra with our new festival logo on it.

Regarding the Friday as the day of the days in 2013
( the explanation will follow with the announcement of the headliner )
we gonna open the doors at 16:00 and the first act will start at 16:30. The biggest Indoor-festival for Rock'n'Roll, Sleaze-, Glam- and Hairmetal starts on 5th April with 6 - 7 international top Bands


Onliest and exclusive show in Europe!!
After long negotiations we managed it to get the US superband TESLA for a Shout It Out Loud festvial. The Show will be the first and maybe the last for the next time, after their last tour in 2009.
The Band is playing in the UK on Saturday, thats why we have to move the festival to a friday, but we think it is definetly worth it.
The boyz around Jeff Keith are going to play an absolutely fantastic best of with all their gratest hits from rocksongs to emotional ballads such as "Modern Day Cowboy", "Edison's Medicine" or"Song & Emotion".

With this top act, that sold over 14 million records only in the US, we brought you a top headliner that can even mess with the last 2 festivals.


The Swedish hard rocker with the guarantee of an eargasm!
Even now H.E.A.T are known as the secret kings of the Swedish melodic rock scene and they are going to perform one of their very rare Germany Gigs in 2013. Besides their old hits they gonna present their newest record „Address The Nation“ live!!
The band, that was founded in 2007, around Swedish Idol Erik Grönwall will definitely rock the SIOL festival!!

The best British glam rock band from London since the glorious 70's. Started in 1984 under the name of The Queerboys ( founded by scene guitarist Spike ) and renamed to The Quireboys in 1987. After their kick-ass gig in November in Cologne on the Birthday celebration of the ROCKS Magazine, we have been impressed so hardly that we clearly had no choice and booked them for another exclusive trip to Germany, where they gonna they giver us a song of their whiskey flavoured Live show on the Shout it out loud Festival like "7 o´ clock" or "hey you"

If there is one band of the "young generation of sleaze" that is worthy to follow in the footsteps of Hardcore Superstar and Crashdiet, it's Black Rain.
Their current record "Lethal dose of..."rightly so got top critics everywhere.
On the Shout It Out Loud festival Blackrain will perform an exclusive Germany gig, and as far as we know it's their first Germany gig!!
Girls definitely will get wet and boys.. you are allowed to head-bang and party. Hits like Burn N Die or Overloaded will drive you crazy. Mothers lock ya daughters, cause Blackrain is in town!!

Definetly one of the most underrated artists in the sleaze rock scene since 1979 - ADAM BOMB. Live guitarist, songwriter, singer since he was 14... He even played with exceptional artist in his early years like Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Steve Stevens and had guest appearances in bands like Steeler, TKO and we are really happy to have him on the festival with his varied rock repertoire and an energetic live show.

Plus one more fantastic Lice-Act!

From now until 31.12.2012 you have the chance to purchase the special Christmas ticket! Only at Rock Road Entertainment you will get a
free shirt or girlie for free when you order a original hard- or VIP-ticket.

1 Ticket or only 45€ + Shipping.
1 VIP Ticket for only 100€ + Shipping.


VIP Tickets
The awesome VIP Lounge of the venue in Duisburg is elevated with a perfect view to the stage and with own toilets. VIP guests will get access to the VIP lounge, a food voucher worth 10€, a big festival poster, snack catering for free & an exclusive Meet & Greet with ALL bands where you can get photos or autographs. As every time we will give away a free guitar, signed by ALL bands. Everyone with a VIP ticket has the chance to win it.

Tickets are also available at:

Köln-/Bonn Ticket

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