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Shambhala Festival

Shambhala Festival Canada

Shambhala Music Festival When & Where Shambhala Festival is located on the Salmo River Ranch in Salmo, BC, Canada. The Ranch is located 6km east of Salmo, BC. The ranch is accessible by a 6 km dirt road.The festival takes place annually on the 2nd week of August. Ticket holders gain access to the grounds at 8am on Friday, though early entry is available on Wednesday or Thursday for an additional fee.

What to expect Coming to the Ranch, you should be prepared for any type of weather - the days are hot and the nights are cold. The Ranch could be hot, dry and dusty or very rainy and muddy, so it's very important to have all your bases covered. The Ranch has ample room for camping, and staying off-site during the show is discouraged; if you do need to leave the Ranch and come back, there is a $10 re-entry fee each time. Shambhala's amenities include: Showers, a variety of food vendors, a craft vending area for shopping, free drinking water, and excellent first-aid services on-site.

Performers Shambhala has an eclectic mix of DJs, producers, bands and performing artists that come from all corners of the globe. With 6 stages there's something to please nearly everyone.

History What began as an intimate gathering of a few hundred in 1997 now welcomes 10,000 party-goers to the Salmo River Ranch for one week each year. Since the beginning, it has been a family-run event and has never had any corporate sponsorship with advertising being done through word-of-mouth.

The message of the festival It's all about the people on the dance floor.** Artistic and musical talent, imaginative costumes and remarkable individuals fuel the vibe of Shambhala, sowing the seeds of inspiration in a safe haven where nature and artistic expression entwine. Shambhala is a revolution in its own right with a complex simplicity that draws back thousands of devoted fans each year and reaches out to new ones. Shambhala is a journey, an adventure, a life altering experience, and not least, a place to just let loose and dance, dance, dance.

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