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Salvador Brasil

This is more than a parade of floats and half naked bodies. It is the expression of African and European sensibilities that have merged into a homogenious cultural delight.

The 'electricos', are infectuous. These are huge trucks with three story trailers carrying bands and samba dancing beauties beyond compare. Conspicuously absent from recent Rio canavals, electricos are like the law in Salvador.

One can sit in stadia across the city to witness the absolutley breathtaking splendour of samba schools the size of some cities. The dancing ladies seem impervious to the blazing sun and exhibit the stamina of ultra marathon runners. Taking part in a local block troupe, is as exhilirating as watching the parades.

These 'blocos' as they are called are smaller troupes with their own local queen who leads the way with her samba journey. The drummers never ceases and here you find young, old fat, and delectable bodies moving across the neighborhoods in total bliss.

Salvador does not exude the commercial and distant, antiseptic nature that you find in Rio. This city hosted the largest influx of African Slaves during the infamous triangular slave trade perfected by the Portuguese.

The oldest Samba schools are of African origin and hosted by very respected members of the community. The amazing blend of Portuguese, African, Indian and a mish mash of other races and ethnicities makes this a most enjoyable experience.

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