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Q-York is an award winning Filipino-American hip hop record production duo composed of Flava Matikz (DJ/producer) and Knowa Lazarus (songwriter/MC). The name Q-York stands for "Quality – Yields Our Richest Key" and also Queens, New York where the group was founded in 2001. They have released numerous albums and appeared on various compilations/mixtapes worldwide.

Q-York was first inspired to make music through the sounds of the Golden age hip hop of the 1980s and 1990s in New York. They also spent time on the West Coast and were students of both the Los Angeles and Bay Area hip hop scene. Their versatility and flexibility in listening to all styles of music incorporates their open-mindedness into their sound.

Although they are mostly known for their uptempo dance tracks, their overall sound remains diverse and has been described in the Philippines as having a "local-feel with international appeal". They compose their music primarily in English but they also fuse Tagalog within their songs. Specialists in "Taglish" (a mixture of English and Tagalog), they utilize catchphrases and specific words into their songs as a way of expressing their culture.

In their songs, the group emphasizes self-empowerment, positivity, spirituality and pride in their culture. Their lyrics also address the issues and struggles of people worldwide in an attempt to bring unity to the divisions within the different worldwide communities.

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Music Videos:
“Lead The Way” – Q-York feat. Kat Lopez

“Stop, Look, Listen” – Q-York

“Fallen” – Q-York

“Champion” – Q-York

“For What We Love” –Q-York

“Yuoy!” – Q-York

“Wow” – Roxee B. feat. Q-York

“Explode” – Vincent Bueno feat. Q-York

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We would like to play or gig around the world! =)

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