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Puck Fair Festival

Puck Fair Festival

When & Where The Puck Fair occurs the second Thursday until the following Sunday in August or (10th 11th & 12th August) every year in Kilorglin, County Kerry Ireland.

What to expect at Puck Fair Traditional Irish music, Guinness and one lucky Puck.

Puck Theory

Puck Theory Oliver Cromwell was spreading his reach throughout Kerry at the foot of the McGillycuddy Reeks mountain range. The Roundheads routed a heard of grazing goats out of the way when one special male goat (or puck) ran towards and past the Roundheads. This Puck ran all the way to the nearest village of Kilorglin. When the Puck arrived no words were necessary. The villagers gazed upon the exhausted, panting Puck. They realised only one thing could give a goat the energy to run to the village. Fear of the Roundheads. This goat gave the village of Kilorgin enough notice to put away their livestock. Legend !

To Catch a King Puck Every year a group of people go up the mountains near Kilorglin and catch a wild goat. The goat is brought down to town and placed in a small cage on a tall stand. A young local will crown the confused goat. The Pucks silence will serve as an acceptance of the title. The Festival has officially started and the town erupts ! Drinking, dancing & as always the great Irish sing song.

Getting There Book a flight into Farranfore airport here If you are flying from America you can fly to Shannon or Dublin and take a domestic flight. You can also book a train there.

Accommodation in Kerry

Where to Stay There's Bed and Breakfasts and Irish Hostels in the area available to book here.
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