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Pourcailhade the French Pig festival

Pourcalhade- French Pig Festival

When & Where The Pourcailhade - French Pig Festival usually occurs the second Sunday of August in Trie Sur Baise, Haute Pyrnees, France.

Why The Pourcalhade occurs in Trie Sur Baise because this is the pride of the area. It is one of France's largest Pork Producing areas. Trie Sur Baise has the last remaining French all pig markets. The inaugural festival was in 1975.

Accomodation There's budget accommodation & quality hotels in France available and in the Pyrnees here.

Getting there Book your flight into Biarritz, San Sebastian or Toulouse airport here then you will need to take a train to book a train to Trie Sur Mer here.

France Pig Festival

France Pig Festival Who The organisers of France Pig Festival are the brotherhood of the Pig. The entire town decks out in snouts and belts with pig tail attachments. Every business must make create it's own personal pigtastic character, image or cartoon.

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