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Penis Festival in Japan

Honen Matsuri


When & Where The Penis-Festival-Japan usually occurs March 15 in Japan try a town called Komaki.

FYI There are 2 Penis festivals in Japan, the other less traditional one is the Kawasaki Penis Festival.

Excuse me, it sounded like you said Penis Festival Yes a Penis Festival. Don't raise your eyebrows it's not the strangest festival out there. The Penis Fertility Festival /Chiwawa Matsuri or Ho­nen Matsuri is a celebration of fertility and a fresh harvest- the Spring time.

Getting there There are lots of cheap flights available to Tokyo & Japan here.

Accommodation For the Honen Matsuri Penis festival book your hotel accommodation in Komaki, Tokyo & Japan here.

Japans Traditional Festivals

Local Shintopriests playing musical instruments to a merry winding parade full from the all-you-can-drink Sake, and let's not forget the 7ft Phallus, which is floating around. The wooden phallus is carried from the Shinmei Sha Shrine on a large hill or from Kumano-sha Shrine to a shrine called Tagata Jinja.

Expect everything you put in your mouth to be in the shape of a penis (food), ricecakes, penis shaped souvenirs and oddly enough prayers.

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