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Oktoberfest 2012 Munich Forum

Oktoberfest Forum 2012Looking for our Oktoberfest Forum

all your queries should be answered on our Oktoberfest 2012 article (see link below) but if not then please ask any question on our Facebook group here

Please see our:

Oktoberfest 2012 Munich article

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Built on a solid culture of “different” music and diverse clothes this event will immediately rouse your curiosity. Whilst the cool flawless beers and the warm welcoming smiles will enchant you forever. Ask questions in our forums about accomodation, hotels, hostels & apartments in Munich. Find a tour group to take you there. A reputation for being the biggest party in the world, rivalled only by the carnival in Brazil, downing stein beer at Oktoberfest is one thing you must do before you die.

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