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Nava Cider Festival in Spain

Nava Cider Festival
El Cidre Fiesta

Sidra Fiesta Espana

When & Where The Nava Cider Festival usually takes place on the second weekend in July in the town of Nava in the region of Asturias near the North-West of Spain. There's lots of smaller cider festivals around this part of Spain during the Summer months.

What to expect Hundreds of microbrewers transcend on the small town of Nava in a bid for acknowledgment, recognition and another crazy Spanish Fiesta. There’s music in the streets, all the bars are open late and in traditional Spanish festival style (sawdust on the floor) with potent, sweet cider on offer. There’s is also the pouring competition- this is the tradition whereby locals practice all year to pour the cider without looking at the glass but by tilting the bottle several feet above the bottle in a skilful feat that results in no spillage !

Asturia Cider Festival

Where to stay Asturia has lots of great hostels and hotels. If you want to get close to Nava for el fiesta de la Sidra, you can book here

Spanish Cider Festival

History This sidra fiesta is the result of the volume of apples produced in the Asturia region.

Getting there Book a flight into Oviedo, Ranon or Salamander Airport here then take a train to Nava here.

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