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Maslenitsa in Russia

Maslenitsa Festival by Katherine Metzo

When & Where Maslenitsa Festival occurs the week before Lent/ 7 weeks before Easter in Russia.

What to Expect People going mad ! it's another one of those let's get all the celebrating out of our system before Lent starts festivals. Bars are open all night everywhere, parades go through the cities and bonfires sacrafice effigies of "Lady Mas lenitsa"

Getting there Don't forget to get a visa for Russia. St. Petersburg and Moscow are the best places to celebrate this week long carnival. Book a flight into any airport in Russia here.

Accommodation There's great quality and thrifty accommodation available in Russia here.

The History of Mas lenitsa Festival

History Ok so it was a religous festival but it is also a celebration of the advent of Summer and the harvest and so even in the countryside there is lots of parties. It was not allowed to be celebrated under the Communist regime.
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