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Las Fallas Festival

Las Fallas Valencia

When & Where Las Fallas Festival takes place around March 15th-19th every year in Valencia, Spain. However the build up begins in March 1st.

Las Fallas Spain What to expect Paellas, bullfights & everything Spanish. Each morning of Falles begins at 8am with la despertà ("the wake-up call"). La despertà ("the wake-up call") is a crazy sound emanating from a brass band. From there the days get even madder. There's lots of figures paraded through the streets, everyone is throwing fireworks and the restaurants and bars spill out onto the streets as this Spanish fiesta parties on.
Valencia Las Fallas Getting there Book your flight into Valencia International Airport here or take a train from anywhere in Spain here.

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Las Fallas History

Las Fallas Fiesta Valencia History Fallas was originally a pagan ritual that celebrated the Spring Equinox. It's fire and craft tradition today is from the local carpenters in the middle ages who would celebrate the advent of Spring by throwing their gas lamps at a piece of woodwork. The religious undertones aassociated with Saint José, the patron saint of carpenters, was added later by Spain's ultra-Catholic leaders.

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