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La Tomatina Fiesta 2013

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La Tomatina Fiesta 2005

La Tomatina Fiesta 2013 Witness 30,000 people throwing tomatoes at each other. It’s the ultimate Civil War. No guns. Just Tomatoes. Welcome to the Tomatina.

The next Tomatina is August 28th 2013 (please check closer to date).

When & Where 11am usually on the last Wednesday in August in the village Bunol in the region of Valencia in Spain.

Why The tomato fight is the peak of the 11-day festival honouring the town's patron saints - Luis Bertran & Mare de Déu dels Desemparats. The tomato fight has taken place in Buñol since 1944. It’s origins are clouded with legends.

Tomatina accommodation in Bunol

Tomatina accomodation, Tomatina Girl

Where to stay Bunol is a small Spanish town with little accommodation. Check out quality hotels and cheap accommodation in Valencia here.

Equipment for the Tomatina I would recommend wearing a snorkelling mask for best visibility, not goggles as they have more limited vision. If you want to take pictures get a waterproof camera, as everything in sight will be covered with tomatoes.

Getting There Book a flight into Valencia Airport here then take a bus or train to Bunol.
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