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Kistehen (Littlecow)

by Bodon György

At the concert

At the concert

Please, let me introduce you to a band that can be promoted with content. Recommended mixed video:

The bands I represent must fit desirable quality standards which are also expected by myself: they must have a solid professional and musical background, they need to be important and proven performers in the music culture of the given country, their music should be enjoyed by thousands at local festivals, they need to have been proven successful at international appearances, and their world of music must be enjoyable to the average medium. The bands which I officially and exclusively manage in the international scene are all up to these standards.

In this letter I would like to introduce you the Kistehen. This band is one of the biggest local stars, playing in front of sell-out crowds, the members are talented icons and great performers on the stage. Since years this band has been promoted to the worldwide audience through management office, which helped them to receive many recurring invitations. It has been praised both after European and American concerts, which makes our management work a lot easier.

However, we would still like to achieve more, and that is why we apply to you. We believe that with your help, we could make a new portfolio and we would be able to entertain the crowds open to music culture at several new venues. In the process of framing up the concert calendar 2010 we would like to draw your attention to Kistehen. So, please allow me to draw your attention to the band with the help of these links. The official site (www.kistehen.eu) is currently under construction until 1 December 2009 to get enhanced for the image of the new album (planned release in March 2010).

Therefore I attach the link of the managerial and the interim site hereby.



If you require more information on professional backgrounds or international tours, we would be glad to provide it in the hope that our bands will be able to perform at a significant international tour and festivals.

We are looking forward to your interest on the


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