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Hogmanay Festival in Scotland

Hogmanay Festival in Scotland

Hogmanay Festival in Scotland Hogmanay Festival : The silence of night suddenly broken by the whisper of flames. Hogmonay Festival in Edinburgh: 100,000 people singing Auld Lang Syne at the same time.

It's only pure debauchery as a city empties all it's watering holes. The world’s biggest street party rivalled only by the Carnival in Rio. Dance, drink and wear a kilt!

Hogmanay Festival - When & Where 31st December every year. In Scotland, the best place is Edinburgh.

Getting there Book a flight to Edinburgh or any Scottish Airport here or book a train to Scotland here.

Where to stay There's lots of budget accommodation and quality Hotels in Edinburgh & Scotland available here.

History of Scotlands Hogmanay

This new year's festival originated as a pagan practice of fire and sun worship during the dark months of winter. Then the Vikings celebrated a variation of the celebration calling it 'Yule' which later became the 12 days of Christmas or 'Daft Days'.

Where to drink The 3 sisters pub. Stay around Princes St. if in Edinburgh.

Traditional Scottish Fireball You need old news paper, dried sticks or kindling, dry coal, old cotton rags, dried pine cones, paraffin & card board. The ball is made from a double skin of "chicken wire" stitched together with steel wire, with the rest of the ingredients inside.

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