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Heart Tribe

Heart Tribe

Heart Tribe

Heart Tribe are a funky reggae dance band who come from the North Coast of NSW, they’ve shared the stage with Xavier Rudd (!!), Ganga Giri, King Tide and Oka, sounding like all of them fused together. Their fresh sound, tight improvisatory style and unique tempo changes keep their audiences on their toes.

The motivation behind Heart Tribe is to show the power of positive hearts in community. Their unmistakable energy unites reggae, dub and ska with funk, dance, electronica, drum'n'bass and soul.

Their catchy tunes have a world flavour with an Egyptian/Belgian lead singer and an awesome collection of instruments.. including; shakuhachi (end-blown bamboo flute), didgeribone (slide didgeridoo), a cimbalom (52-stringed instrument) sent thru a wah pedal, delay and echo chambers, a laptop, a super solid rhythm section equipped with 5-string bass guitar, congas and a wickedly complex drum kit. + guests with horns, clarinet and melodion! Their lyrics move through themes of celebration, social criticism, self-reflection and while the music takes the audience on a fantastic journey.

Our website www.hearttribe.net.

Our facebook www.facebook.com/heartribe.

Our myspace www.myspace.com/heartribe.

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