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Harare Dread

by Pax Nindi

Pax Nindi at Brazil Carnival

Pax Nindi at Brazil Carnival

Harare Dread lead by the master of African Reggae Pax Nindi has been based in Europe for the last 20 years when Pax formed it on his arrival in Europe from Zimbabwe.


With lyrics sung in Shona(Zimbabwe) and Chewa (Malawi) as well as English, Harare Dread beat is a mixture of reggae, African and Brazilian rhythms blended with dub music. Live on stage the line up includes reggae drum and bass, Pax's distinct African guitar riffs, percussion, keyboards and brass.

Pax Nindi on stage is a sight not to be missed - WOMAD

In his country during the 80s and 90s, Harare Dread music was rarely played on the airwaves as the lyrics were branded political and controversial.

Despite all that, Harare Dread has a strong underground following in Southern Africa, a fun base in Europe, England and most recently a huge following as Pax Nindi in NE Brazil where his last album was recorded.


The social and political resistance from the underprivileged but very positive communities are the main influences of his music - Combined Arts Services

Recognised for his distinctive concoction of Afrikan Reggae rhythms with thought provoking lyrics, Pax Nindi is one of the most captivating musical ambassadors ever to emerge from the Afrikan soils. His distinct style is like a breath of fresh air in the music business now saturated by copycats.
Brian Moyo ? Zimbabwe Sunday Mail

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