Full Moon Festival

The Full Moon Festival occurs throughout the world and usually takes place on a beach. The signature music of full moon parties is Goa, trance and psy-trance too. The most famous full moon party of all occurs in Koh Phangan in Thailand every full moon. Because of the large numbers at some of these parties (up to 25,000 people) the organisers have created black moon parties and half moon parties, though these can be cancelled when there is not enough demand. Both Zanzibar and Barbados have held excellent full moon parties however these are not on the scale of the one on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

There are often protests from locals, especially fishermen, who live on the islands East of Thailand complaining that the festival creates more harm than good and that the ocean is polluted as a result of the beach party. With this in mind in, it is important to consider your impact and make an effort to dispose of your waste carefully.

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