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Fiesta del Cascamorras

by Elina
(Castillejar, Spain)

Fiesta del Cascamorras

Fiesta del Cascamorras

Fiesta del Cascamorras
Fiesta del Cascamorras Andalucia

The Cascamorras festival takes place in September in Baza and Guadix, Andalucia (Spain) it has been declared to be of National Tourist Interest in June 2006.

It has become an important tourist attraction, in Baza it is celebrated every year on the 6th September at 6 p.m. and it is the start of the Fair and Festival in honour of Our Lady of Piety that takes place from the 6th to 15th September each year.

For some time now the ”Cascamorras” festival has become a cultural event that increases in strength year after year that is a topic of conversation not only at the time of the festival but the 365 days of the year.

It is a festival that has both pagan and religious roots that has been adapted with the pass of time and evolved in space and time while its authenticity became more profound.

When the character of “Cascamorras” gets to Baza he daubs himself with oil or vaseline, he puts on his costume and warms up with a few gentle runs, before he sets off on his route through the streets of Baza to the church of la Merced to try and take the image of the Virgin Mary. In the hours leading up to the start, groups of local people from Baza congregate in the surrounding area waiting for Cascamorras so they can daub him with paint, although there are people who can't wait so they start and paint each other.

The third rocket acts as the starting pistol for the people to run after Cascamorras to see who is the first to paint him and fulfilling the tradition in this way.

Red ochre, blue dye and burnt oil have been replaced by black paint with an olive oil base that gives the local people an impressive and spectacular appearance.

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