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Winter Festivals in January

Corsa De Ceri Gubbio

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year, celebrate the new year with Dragons & fireworks as China's greatest celebrations start in Beijing & Hong Kong then echo around the world.

Carnival Blancos y Negros
Carnaval Blancos Negros in Pasto Colombia a South American Festival celebrated by slaves and masters through dance.

Up Helly AA Shetland IslesUp Helly AA It’s a Viking party setting not just the night but the whole Norse ship alight

Tamworth Country Music Festival Country and west music festival in NSW.

Big Day Out
This is the Southern Hemispheres most awesome travelling music show, dates are almost sold out check here for tickets, news on acts and locations.

San Sebastians Drum Fiesta Beat the January blues away with this Spanish Fiesta.

Ati Atihan FestivalAti Atihan
Ati Atihan the Philippines most crazy celebration, world renowned as Asia's greatest party which doesn't disappoint.

Chennai Classical Month
Chennai month of classic music in India a month of Classical Music dedicated to the Chennai/Madras Southern Indian Culture.

Australia Day Sydney
Australia Day in Sydney the ultimate Ozzy celebration down under and all over the world.

Full Moon Party
The Full Moon party on Koh Phangan where up to 30,000 people get a boat out to Haad Rin paradise beach off of Thailand and help themselves to local buckets of drink and Mushroom shakes.Full Moon Festival Thailand

Great Alaska Beer & Barley Fest
Alaska Beer & Barley Fest; Clear skies, cloudy beers, hundreds of brews, thousands of people and one great reason to celebrate: beer.

Rijeka Carnival
Rijeka Carnival this festival was originally celebrated by Austrian and Hungarian aristocrats but today the world is welcome to this ugly mask party.

Dubai month of Shopping
The Dubai Shopping Fest attracts more then two million shopaholics each year with retail spending in excess of US$1 billion.

Mali Desert Festival EssakaneMali Desert Fest
The Desert fest in Mali, travel back through eons and witness the ancient gathering of the Tamasheks.

Singapore M1 Fringe
Singapore M1 Fringe the theme is Art&Family there are already lots of acts confirmed with loads of street performers promising to be there too. The cutting edge in performance.

St. Jeromes Laneway
Laneway packs thousands of people into Australias laneways boiled by the Summer heat then blares cutting edge music down their ears.

Sydney Performing Arts Fest
Sydney Festival the biggest & best theatre & performance festival in Australia with lots of free events.

National Winter Ales
National Winter Ales in Manchester: England's answer to Oktoberfest, taste hundreds of beers from around the world with lots of local entertainment

Ivrea Carnaval Oranges

Rainbow Serpent Music
The Rainbow Serpent Music Festival providing everything from techy grooves to psychedelic funk. Australia's answer to Burning Man.

Sundance Film Festival Jack BlackSundance Film Fest
Sundance Film Festival 2009: every January in Park City Utah, this year will remember Redford's great friend Paul Newman

Temple Bar Tradfest
Temple Bar Tradfest a great music celebration in Dublin's culture quarter with traditional musicians playing in every bar.

Camel Wrestling in Selcuk Watch the ancient camel mating battle, the they have done for thousands of years....in a stadium.

Mummers Day Parade
Get to Philly and party through the night, barely finished celebrating and dancing ? Ok now put on fancy dress and party through the streets.

Mummers PhilapelphiaSt Anthonys Day in Spain
Celebrate the patron saint of animals by running through fire on a horse.

Wash the Bonfim
One of the oldest festivals of Brasil where a church is worshipped, followed by … a carnaval of course.

Winter Festivals Thaipusam in Penang Thaipusam in Penang
Thaipusam in Penang, a great place to celebrate the Hindu Festival of Kavadi. Witness the procession of the sick and dying as well as the Vel Skewers piercing the skin as followers repent. Need a break ? Then lye low at the beaches to the North of Penang. Try Batu Ferringhi beach.

Spring Festivals in February

Naked in Japan Japan celebrates the Lunar New Year with no clothes on !

Ice & Snow Fest Chinas coldest corner hosts an international competition as the town is transformed into a Winter wonderland.

Orange Throwing Festival

Spring Festival Orange ThrowingThe Orange throwing festival, part of Ivrea's carnival is a Italy's answer to La Tomatina. So you tried to juggle oranges, did you ever pelt one at a stranger ? Expect bruises !

Tropfest the Australian short film festival 1 month of 7 minute pieces with a finale in Sydney.

Gateway International Roots Festival
Cumbrias February festivals worldly beats music roots fest with acts from all over Zimbabwe, Mauritania and all over the world.

Father Ted Festival

Spring Festival Fr. Ted FestivalThe Father Ted Festival is an amazing tribute to the funniest comedy ever to hit the Ireland. Located off Ireland’s West coast on the charming island of Inis Mor where the craic is mighty.

Buenos Aires TangoFest
The Buenos Aires TangoFest is a must for anyone who claims to love this sexy latin number- in the city that inspired it's hot culture.

Capetown Gay FestivalCapetown Pride
Capetown-Pride-Festival 2009 is set to shake up the magical city once again, full schedule details & activities here.

Groundhog-Day 2009 schedule, discover the truth behind this Spring party and exactly what age "Phil" is.

Good Vibes
Good Vibrations keeps getting bigger & better every year, all the info for the 2009 venues and line-ups here.

Valentines Day in Italy Celebrate love in San Valentinos hometown.

Carnaval in Rio
Carnaval in Brasil
Brasil´s Carnaval is the hottest and sexiest party in the world. Millions of Brasilians line the streets dancing a sweet sexy samba. A once in a lifetime experience.

Future Music
Future Music Festival Down Under's danceathon- 7 days- 5 cities- the world's best dance djs and thousands of people bouncing around.

Pingsi Lantern Festival ChinaLantern Festival
For six days every the town of Pingsi in Taiwan creates the most beautiful skyline in the world as thousands of Chinese lanterns are released to the sound of music and celebrating below.

Mardi Gras New Orleans
Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, whatever language it can mean only one thing beginning with "B".... beads. New Orleans enjoys a fortnight of tourist hedonism and local culture.

Maslenitsa Festival in Russia wasn't allowed to be celebrated until the fall of Communism and now they're really make up for the lost time !

Buenos Aires Tango FestivalQuebec/Bonhomme Carnaval
This is the biggest winter party in the world complements of the jolliest mascot : The Bonhomme.

St. Jeromes Laneway
Laneway packs thousands of people into Australias laneways boiled by the Summer heat then blares cutting edge music down their ears.

Sydney Performing Arts Fest 2009
Sydney Festival 2009, the biggest & best theatre & performance festival in Australia with lots of free events.

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
Sydney Mardi Gras: A street filling event of parades and entertainment hosted by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian community. Fun for all regardless of sexual orientation.

Spring Festivals in March

Calle Ocho
Floridas carnival, Americas largest street party and the Pride of Miami.

Phujllay Festival by Linda De VotterSemana Santa
Seville is alive with processions as millions line the streets with parades.

Binche Carnaval
An orange throwing extravaganza. One problem, no retaliation.

Phujllay Festival Bolivia join the celebration of defeat over the conquistadors.

Jerez Festival Enjoy Andalucían Flamenco and Spanish partying.

Frozen Dead Guy
This dead dude celebration commemorates Nederland, Colorado's most famous & loved popsicle refugee. You really need to read this!

Frozen Dead Guy

Holi in India
Holi in India beautiful way to celebrate the second moon. Almost all of India celebrates with bonfires and crazy colour throwing fights.

Langerado in Miami
Langerado Miami's coolest music event featuring the best acts in the world in America's party capital. Rock on in the Everglades.

Las Fallas
Las Fallas is Valencia's fiery Spanish fiesta delivering amazing art all on fire around the beautiful city with brass bands blaring & botas being emptied.

Penis Festival JapanPenis day in Japan
Penis Celebrations in Japan ? Ho¬nen Matsuri is a day of crazy rejoicing worshiping everything wangtastic.

Spring Break
Spring-Break Daytona-Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in the Caribbean wild fun everyday.

Triangle Beach Spring Fling
Ok Spring Break in North Carolina ain’t nuthin’ new but a three day weekend packed full of live music, funny events and good times is. Check out the news here.

Scoppio Del Carro FlorenceSt. Patricks Day
Paddy's Day the world's greatest festival - celebrate in Ireland, America or anywhere in the world. Slainte !

Starkbierzeit in Munich Strong Beer Fest
Starkbierzeit - forget Munich's Oktoberfest- take a break from your lenten fast at the strongest beer festival in the world. Expect ZERO recollection.

Via-Reggio-carnavalSunburst Kuala Lumpur
Sunburst: Kuala Lumpurs newest music festival looks set to bring thousands more every year with excellent line-ups & quirky entertainment.

Rattlesnake Roundup
The people of Sweetwater Texas hold an annual celebration of all that is rattlesnake.

Scoppio Del Carro
Celebrate Easter Sunday in Florence with a procession , fireworks and a late night.

St Urho Day
Is this a real festival or Finlands protest to the infectious celebrating of St Patricks Day

Viana Do Bolo Spains carnival with a difference as this pre-lent fest breaks out in a flour fight.

Viareggio Carnaval
Celebrate carnaval Italian style for four weeks in Viareggio.

Spring Festivals in April

Penis Festival Japan Kanamara Matsuri A celebration of phallic protrusions in Japan.

Sonna Matsuri Floats continue all night in Takayama.

Water Drawing Fest The climax of the Shuni-E festival.

Water Drawing Festival

Sisters Meal Chinas Valentines day of sorts… check it out if you like to play games

Coachella Valleys music and arts fest from Red Hot Chilli peppers to Madonna camping in the Californian Desert

Full Moon Party
The Full Moon party on Koh Phangan where up to 30,000 people get a boat out to Haad Rin paradise beach off of Thailand and help themselves to local buckets of drink and Mushroom shakes.

Jazz & Heritage Fest in New Orleans
New Orleans Jazz tickets, line up and lates news for the upcoming fest, Americas greatest musicians play to the home of jazz.Full Moon Festival Thailand

Rivers and Spires
Rivers and Spires Festival a three day outdoor festive event in Historic Downtown Clarksville, Tennessee 5 stages of entertainment, International Streetfest & Jazz'N Wine area.

Songkran  Water Fest ThailandSongkran Water Fight
Songkran Water Fight: celebrate the new year in Thailand and enjoy the party in Chang Mai.

Stagecoach fest
Coachella Valleys Country n Bluegrass fest awesome acts from Kid Rock to Kenny Chesney.

Triangle Beach Music Fest
Triangle beaches well established music fest welcomes in the Summer with open arms and awesome events.

April Fair in Seville Enjoy the ancient traditions of Spanish Markets.

Venice Carnival
Venice Carnival the biggest fancy dress celebration in the world dating back to 1268AD before the term fancy dress existed !

Songkran Water Festival

Songkran Water Festival is the best way to rain in the Buddhist New Year. This ceremony best celebrated in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a popular trek among tourists, backpackers and of course the Thai people who all return for the wet mayhem.

Spring Festival VappuVappu Festival
Vappu – welcome to Finland’s Spring Break ! This relatively reserved Scandinavian nation breaks character once every 12 months in an eruption of song, dance & marathon drinking. It’s 2 days of white hats and beautiful people.

Oruro Carnaval by Tomke-Anthropoturista

Oruro Carnaval
Oruro Carnival : waterbombs, dancing devils and everything you need to know for this Bolivian Festival.

Camden Crawl
London’s indie music fest in the world capital of indie.

Moors & Christians
Spains re-enactment celebration of a victory against the all conquering Moors when St George scared them off.

Scarecrow Fete in Moringhem
This is France’s creepiest fete in a tiny rural village- the stuff of horror movies.

Feria San Marcos
Feria De San Marcos in Mexico a month of traditional music, dance and Mexican celebrating.

Feria San Marco by Juliosm

Celebrate the New Year in April in Burma with a five day festival culminating in a Waterfight.

Feria San Marcos
Feria De San Marcos in Mexico a month of traditional music, dance and Mexican celebrating.

Easter in Tullamore Tra-Fest One of the best places to celebrate to Easter holidays in Ireland.

Summer Festivals in May

Dragon Boat Fest Traditional Chinese boats are put to the test in this competitive & fun celebration.

Louisburgh Tra-Fest Traditional Irish Music and dance festival.

Copenhagen Carnival One of Europes biggest street parades with lots of South American Performers.

Cheese Rolling Summer Festivals in England = a piece of cheese rolling down a hill at 70mph, fall and hurt yourself ? hard cheese. Don't worry plenty of drink to be had at this excellent English festival.

Cinco  De MayoCinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo North America celebrates the greatest Mexican victory ever with wild parties.

Karneval in Berlin
Germanys multi-culture festival stages one a massive street party with Afro-Caribbean beats.

Corsa De Ceri
An 800 year old strongman candle race in Italy.

Cannes Film Festival
The most elegant and glitzy film festival in the world.

Patum in Berga
Celebrate Corpus Christi with this traditional Spanish street party.

Latitude Music FestivalCaravaca A holy horse festival.

Horse Fair of Jerez Sample Spains horse fair with late nights as the town dresses in ancient traditional wear.

Snake Festival Worship a statue with live snakes in Cocullo.

Evolution Music Festival Great acts and clubbing after.

Romeria Del Rocio
As Europes largest pilgrimage ends, this great Spanish fiesta kicks off.

America’s biggest world festivals of Indie music fest also featuring the best in world music.

Pulilan Caraboa PhilippinesPirate Fest The Contraband Days
Pirate Fest - Louisiannas Contraband Days where old sea dogs meet, fun for the family and Captain Morgan too. Can ye say Ye-arrrr ?

Pulilan Carabao
Pulilan Carabao is the celebration of Saint Isidro but it's really just a good excuse for painting water buffaloes and partying.

Nimbin Mardi Grass
Australia’s celebration of everything natural, side effects guaranteed.

Original Bicycle Festival
Scotland’s sixteen day celebration of bicycles.

Summer Festivals in June

Cat Laughs Kilkennys comedy festival bringing world class comedy to town.Summer Festivals

Boi Bumba
Boi Bumba is the greatest Brazilian party of all. Situated in Parintins - the heart of the Amazon. Forget carnival in Rio get to the most isolated island on the world

Sun Fiesta: Inti Raymi
Sun Festival Peru or Inti Raymi is a traditional Incan festival dating back hundreds of years- we have all the details here.

Nova Rock
Nova is one of Europes biggest music fests with the top names and over 100,000 people.

Lajkonik Krakow Poland FestivalLajkonik
Lajkonik Festival in Krakow, Polands excellent celebration of defeating the Mongolians.

RockNess music fest on the banks of legendary Loch Ness in Scotland, the voter best newcomer electro danceathon all the details for the upcoming year.
Sonar in Barcelona
Sonar Music fest tickets and line up info: we have the latest news for the next Sonar music fest here. A legendary electro techno music and arts fest.

Boi Bumba BrazilBaby Jumping Fiesta
No this is not a joke ! the Spanish Baby Jumping Fiesta in Calacho is the largest infant exorcism on earth, celebrated with typical Spanish style.

Isle of Wight Music Festival
Picturesque and always sunny- the Isle of Wight makes the perfect for a rocking party.

Come to Texas and celebrate the abolition of slavery, African and Afro-American culture in a traditional parade.

Pride NY
See the big apple of New York turn pink for a week of celebrations.

Baby Jumping Festival Spain The Dreaming Festival
Australias Aborigine festival with thousands of performers, shows, rituals and ceremonies.

Naked Bicycle Ride in Brighton
Take a three hour 2 wheeled spin through Brighton, naked, to a nudist colony.

Paris Music Fete
Free gigs and performances throughout Paris friom some of the world’s best musicians.

Rock AM
The West of Germany’s biggest rock fest featuring the biggest names in music.

Naked Bicycle Ride Brighton Rock IM
The East of Germany’s biggest rock fest featuring the biggest names in music.

St. Anthonys Day, Lisbon
This is Portugals answer to St Patricks Day, with a carnival atmosphere, parades, dancing and singing throughout the streets of Lisbon.

Battle of the Bridge in Pisa
Watch the old quarters of Pisa battle over the ricer Arno with a big block of wood.

Medieval FestivalBedfordshire Medieval Festival
This June Festivals Re-enact the 1460 Battle of Northampton in knights armour with jesters to amuse you.

Amsterdam Roots Music Festival
Amsterdam Roots Festival - the original & greatest African beats celebration in the world. Ethical music at it's best.

Oxegen Music Festival
Oxegen Music Festival Pictures 2007, Kildare's greatest music festival in Ireland's favourite town: Naas.

calcio storico, storico football, italy festivalsCalcio Storico
Who said Italians are sissys ? Calcio Storico is Florence's answer to "murderball". You won't see anyone diving here at the fight in Florence.

Fuji Rock Fest
Japans largest outdoors fest, held high up in a ski resort.

Batalla Vino, haro wine battle, spanish festival, spain festivalsBattala Del Vino
Batalla Del Vino is the world's greatest wine fight. In the beautiful wine producing haven of the Rio River in Spain. We've been there done that and thrown away the filthy t-shirt.


Opener is Polands awesome music, film & theatre fest with big names, 7 stages, cheap quality beer and sun drenched campsites guarenteed.

Glastonbury music festival, glasto festivalGlastonbury Music Festival
Glastonbury Music Festival- This Summer festivals needs no introduction- Britains biggest music festival complements of generous Farmer Eavis. No need for introductions - here's to Glasto Party on !

Exit Music Festival
Exit Music festival Pictures 2007, Serbia Montenegro's left wing music festival. Getting bigger every year great weather and top acts guaranteed at Exit Festival.Exit Music Festival Serbia

Lanjaron Water Fiesta
Picturesque Spanish mountain village brought to life with the greatest water fight on earth. All are welcome in crazy all night party. Get soaked give soakings: it's the Lanjaron Water throwing Fiesta.

Pisa Regatta Thousands flock to the banks of the Arno to witness this Italian Festival.

Medieval Festival in Tuscany Hundreds of years of tradition converge for this celebration.

Hellfest Metal Mayhem in France

Graspop Awesome music festival in Belgium.

Summer Festivals in July

Float Festival Kyoto Gion Matsuri Parades of floats steal the streets in Kyoto.

Zurich Street Parade Switzerland’s biggest street party and electro music fest.

Belfast Carnival South American Fever hits the streets of Northern Ireland.

Harp Festival Ireland celebrates is best known blind musician.

Hungry Ghost
Hungry Ghost Festival in China stay away from water but not the ghost party.

Seven Sisters Festival Lovers day in Hong Kong: An Eastern matchmaking festival.

Bodypainting competitionBody Painting World Championships
This fleshy fest has something for everyone from camera competitions, UV light shows, music mayhem and a sexy naked fantasy ball.

Alice Springs Camel Cup
A celebration of the Afghan peoples local contribution.

Fiesta of the Near Death Experience
Rejoice and remember those of the nearly departed.

Nadaam MongoliaGoing Nowhere Fiesta
Europes answer to Burning Man in the deserts of Spain. Leave your inhibitions at the city.

Naadam fest in Mongolia
This is the most macho tough guy event in the world with awesome traditions and strong, potent drinks to keep your spirits high.

Calgary Stampede RodeoCalgary Stampede
Calgary Stampede a celebration with rodeos, chuckwagon races & all night line dancing. Take a step back in time to when the world’s toughest stock walked on two legs.

Roskilde Music Festival Denmarks greatest party amazing music acts from the world especially metal acts.

T in the park
T in the Park tickets & line up. An awesome Scottish festival with names like the Killers, REM & Green Day.

San Fermin PamplonaBull Running in Pamplona for the San Fermin Fiesta
the greatest occasion on earth. New York is the city that never sleeps, Pamplona is the village that never sleeps, well at least for 1 week every year ! This rural village in the heart of Spanish Basque land pays homage to bulls with arguably the greatest party in the world. Run with the bulls on the streets or rent an overlooking balcony for the perfect Birdseye view. Dance, drink and sing the nights and days away - it’s all here.

Full Moon Festival ThailandFull Moon Party
The Full Moon party on Koh Phangan where up to 30,000 people get a boat out to Haad Rin paradise beach off of Thailand and help themselves to local buckets of drink and Mushroom shakes.

Wacken Open Air
Wacken Open Air, Germany's metalfest will get your head rockin'- everything from death metal to folk metal and over 60,000 people.

Latitude Suffolks Music festival from the organisers of Glastonbury.

Redeemer Venice’s favourite festival.

Medieval in San Marino Europes oldest Republic celebrates it’s antiquity.

Noantri Romes procession to Madonna.

Wickerman Scotland’s cult Music & Pagan Festival

Llangollen Classic music & opera festival in Wales.

Darwin Beer Can Regatta, Australian festivals, oz festivalsDarwin Beer Can Regatta
Darwin Beer can Regatta - build a ship for battle out of 1000 beer cans. Or just drink the beer, your choice.
Cuban Festivals, 26 july , dia nacional, dia de la revolucionJuly 26 Dia Nacional Cuba
Dia de la Rebel dia Nacional there are only 1 or 2 chances left to see this Communist Carnival of colour, dance and culture.

Summer FestivalPalio Di Siena
Palio di Siena - all you need to know about this epic annual horse race. An ancient tradition and the oldest of rivals.

Wasserschlacht festival is a hilarious water fight between 2 districts at the peak of Summer heat.

Dragon Boat Festival in Colorado
Colorados way of celebrating it’s Asian residents with racing and late nights..

Essence Music Festival
New Orleans African-America Music celebration culminating with the 4th July celebrations.

Eurockeennes Music Festival
This is France’s answer to Glastonbury with the worlds best music acts on a peninsula surrounded by three stages.

Camel Cup Australia Feile for Brian Boru
Feile Brian Boru in Killaloe, Ireland is a great traditional fair to the legend himself. We have all the details here.

Flamenco Fiesta in Gaucin
Andalucia is the home of Flamenco and nowhere is it better sampled then at the July festivals of Flamenco fiesta of Gaucin.

Lake Geneva TechnoLake Parade
It's a techno/trance music festival along the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Followed by the all night "Lake Sensation After Party".

Henley Royal Regatta
Spend five days lazing around the banks of the Thames and party all night.

Bastille day ParisBastille Day in Paris
Celebrate independence in the city of love with parades and, fireworks and a late night.

Lovebox in London
This July festivals a wild dance event in London with an Ibiza like feel – check out the horsemeat disco!

Nava Cider Fiesta
Enjoy a few days of the traditional Spanish Sidra pouring fiesta.

Pride Fest in Brighton
This July festivals the UK’s biggest and best Pride Fest.

Running of the Nudes
PETA and Pamplona’s naked protest to Fiesta San Fermin .

Near Death Fiesta SpainSantísima Sangre
Valencias celebration of Christ where locals are chased in off a pier by a bull.

Secret Garden Party
London’s hippest fest with fun games and no rules a la Burning Man. Held in a secret location.

Testicle Festival
Have a ball in the Rockies in Clinton Montana.

UFO FestivalUFO Festival
Roswell. The scene of an alien landing. Or was it ...either way people celebrate it for a weekend every year.

Spains (and) Europes biggest beach party with music acts from all over the world, awesome stalls, sand and skinnydipping.

Rock Werchter
tickets and line up info: we have the latest news for the next Werchter music festival here. A legendary music festival has delivered the biggest names in the world.

Autumn Festivals in August

South West Four SW4 Londons awesome August Bank holiday event.

Fleadh Cheoil Irelands biggest showcase of traditional dance and music.

Henley on Todd Alice Springs takes the piss out of the English.

Get Loaded in The Park Clapham Commons pays host to awesome music acts.

Palio Di Siena

Autumn FestivalsThe Italian city of Sienna divided into contras, each one pitted against each other in one of the oldest and most dangerous festivals in the world.

Electric Picnic
Electric Picnic is a top notch music event, often referred to as the European Burning Man. But forget the line up, the novelty is off the stage. Naked weddings are not uncommon here.

Elvis Week
Elvis Fest in Memphis is a real Hound Dog of a celebration.

Rose of Tralee
Tralee explodes with parties and great craic for Irelands best beauty pageant.

European Beard & Moustache Competition Grottglie’s famous contest of facial hair.

Victorian Festival
Step back in time as Llandrindod reels back the years to reveal a festival of Victorian tradition.

Air Guitar ChampionshipAir Guitar World Championships
Yes it's true Finland has raised the astounding art of air guitar and turned it into a three day celebration of invisibility and mayhem.

This legendary dance music festival has delivered the biggest names in the world since 1998, we have all the info for the next Creamfields here.

Puck Fair

Puck Fair -Goat worshipping ? only in Ireland. Excellent details & secret tips from Irish people who've been there & worshipped that unknown goat. The Puck Fair is a truly compelling event with local Kilorglin pubs open until 6am throughout the Fair. For 3 days each year this town of 1500 people swells to 100,000 people !

Highland Games ScotlandHighland Games
Toss yer caber, play your bagpipes, dance the fling, wear a kilt and take part - over 3000 people enter this age old beautiful tradition.

Since 1999 this legendary music celebration has delivered the biggest names in the world, we have all the info for the next Leeds Fest.


Pourcailhade, Porcalhade, french festival, pig festival, festivalpigAh la Pourcailhade, oui, oui. The French have an unparalleled way of celebrationg the pig.

Belgiums biggest Music fest with almost 150,000 people rocking out, all the latest news here.

Bochum Love Parade

Love Parade, German Festivals, Berlin love parade
Bochum Love Parade - House Music Trance Music every dance music you want. The greatest German music festivals of all time. Techno rocks !

La Tomatina

Tomatina, Tomato fight, spanish festival, bunol
Throwing tomatoes, stripping off, baking
like a pizza under the scorching Bunol sun. A
classic Spanish fiesta rife with music, bota's of wine and dirty, wet t-shirts.

Chi-Towns three day festival with world class act, crazy games and attractions.

Canadas awesome electro tunes fest with world class djs located in the middle of nowhere with mud and an intimate crowd of 10,000.

Burning Man Festival

Burning Man festival, burningman Nevada, desert festivalBurning Man
good times @ La Playa ...

Since 1971 this legendary music event has delivered the biggest names in the world, we have all the info for the next Reading Fest.

Cruinniu na mBad

Galway boat Festival
Crinniu na mBad is Ireland's best kept festival secret. In the heart of traditional Ireland this festival will not dissapoint. Sing the night away as pubs bounce to the sounds of the bodhran.

An amateur heavy metal festival.

This August Festivals in the Midlands has it's very own elite music madness in a castle- only 2000 tickets available!

Edinburgh FringeEdinburgh Fringe Fest
This is the biggest and most respected fringe fest in the world with hundreds of performances each day staggered over three weeks.

Electric Elephant Music Festival
Get to Petracane for this intimate dancefest admist hundreds of boat parties.

Humungus Fungus
Its 37 acres wide and weighs 11 tons.....Come to Michigan and celebrate the world’s largest fungus.

La Raima in Valencia
If it’s a bad grape harvest don’t worry-Valencias Grape throwing fiesta will lighten the mood.

Notting Hill CarnavalNottinghill Carnival
This Calypso danceathon with Afro-Caribbean drums brings over a million people to the streets of London every August.

Hungarys biggest music festival featuring music performers from around the world.

Verona Opera Festival
Enjoy the world’s best opera in an amphitheatre dating back to 30BC.

World Cultures of Dublin
Dublins culture fest featuring artists and acts from all over the world.

Autumn Festivals in September

China Mid Autumn Fest

Mid Autumn Fest Chinas celebration of the solstice with music , dancing and feasts all night long.

Birdsville Races The most remote horse race meeting in the world.

Autumn Festivals cois farraige Cois Fharraige Ireland's surf & music festival in Kilkee in the West of Ireland. Featuring awesome world pop, world music & traditional Irish music acts.

Photo Credit Destination360 Surfing

Paris Techno Parade Fest
The romantic city turns to chaos as techno floats and blocos weave their way around the streets with clubs and after parties galore to see you into the morning.

Stuttgart Volkfest
Stuttgart Volkfest is Germany's second biggest beer festival after the Oktoberfest in Munich. With less tourists at the Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen hence there is more beer per person!

Bagpipe Festival in Czech Rep.
An attempt to settle the age old question of “where do bagpipes come from? ”

Oktoberfest MunichFestes De La Merce
Barcelonas celebration of the Virgin of Mercy with free concerts, street parties and late nights.

Matchmaking Festival
Would you trust an Irish stranger to find you love ? thousands of people do every year at the matchmaker festival in Lisdoonvara.

The Horn Dance
A 12 hour dance around Staffordshire dating back to the 12thC AD.

Dance of the Horns StaffordshireFiesta San Miguel
Fiesta San Miguel Uncia Bolivia : all the details for worshipping El Tunka and this Festival here.

Bestival is a brilliant boutique music event with world class names - Amy Winehouse, Sugar Hill Gang, The Chemical Brothers.

Farm Aid
Bob Dylan and Willie Nelsons answer to Band Aid for the cause of American farmers.

Galway Oyster Festival

Celebrate this awesome shellfish and drown yourself in Guinness, the Galway Oyster Festival is a great reason for a knees up in Ireland's true capital.


Oktoberfest 2007Oktoberfest - The city of Munich pays hommage to beer with the world's greatest Beerfest. Oktoberfest is one festival you must attend & drink Stein beers until you drop !

Wagon Wheel Country Music Fest
Two days of great country music, BMX, Mechanical Bull, cook offs, auctions and much more.

Regatta Storico The biggest event on Venice’s regatta circuit.

Ibiza Closes Down In Ibiza the last party is always the biggest.

White Night in Rome Celebrate 24 hours of light in the Eternal city.

Autumn Festivals in October

Cork Jazz Festival Irelands biggest Jazz event.

Full Moon Festival ThailandFull Moon Party
The Full Moon party on Koh Phangan where up to 30,000 people get a boat out to Haad Rin paradise beach off of Thailand and help themselves to local buckets of drink and Mushroom shakes.

Festival of the Ages
Ages Festival Japan mourn the departure of the court system then celebrate with traditions dating back to 750AD.

Ages Festival Kyoto JapanCirio De Nazare in Lima
Cirio De Nazare in Belem: Brasil's second biggest festival, We have all the details for this Amazonian party here.

Manca Fiesta in La Quiaca
Manca Fiesta Argentina a South American festival of markets and music.

Mes Morado Fiesta
Mes Morado is a celebration of the Lord through the streets of Lima which are painted purple.

Mes Morado Festival Lima PeruLes Nuits du Jazz
Western France's biggest jazz festival.

Bicycle Film Fest
This extreme yet artistic celebration blazes a trail around the world providing awesome tricks, films and partys on it's merry way.

Fantasy Fest Key WestFantasy Fest Key West
Ten days of fancy dress but there are no hidden desires here. Key West lets it's hair down and pulls her skirt up for the ultimate party. Leave your inhibitions in the airport locker : fun for boys & girls.

LoveFest San Francisco
This carnavalgoes on for hours with naked bodies dancing to wild beats on the streets of San Francisco don’t miss the Electro-Love fest after party.

Winter Festivals in November

Broome Mango Fest Western Australia celebrate it’s favourite fruit.

Melbourne Cup Carnival Melbournes biggest, most glamorous race meeting.

Day of The Dead
Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos as it's known in Mexico is a beautiful mourning of loved ones past on and an amazing celebration of life where people claim to contact their late friends, family and lovers.

Guy-Fawkes-Devon-Tar-BarrellTar Barrel Carrying Festival
Devons very own pagan ritual, celebrate Guy Fawkes on the biggest pub crawl of all ! Learn about the best way to do it & see some great footage from this crazy festival. Where to stay and other details to ensure you set the night alite. We have all the details you need and a few secret tips to get the most from this pagan ritual.

Swans & Ladders An ancient battle of Italian quarters.

Ennis Trad Fest Big Traditional Irish Music festival in a small rural village

Horn Festival A day to remember anyone who has been cheated on.. ever ! Guy Fawkes Day
Remember , remember the fifth of November... with an explosion of fireworks.

Coopers Capers
Celebrate Americas only uncaptured hijacker- some say the criminal mastermind actually visits the festival.

La Diablada in Puno
La Diablada Peru is a celebration of good and evil along the banks of Lake Titicaca.

Winter FestivalsSurin Elephant in Surin
Surin Elephant Festival watch the people of Thailand celebrate and worship their favourite animal, best experienced in Surin.

Monkey Festival in Lopburi
Thailands awesome monkey party at the Pra Prang Sam Yot Buddhist temple. Watch the locals dance, hold a feast for the monkeys, pray for the monkeys and party on.

Winter Festivals in December

47 Samurai x 47 A re-enactment in Tokyo of stealth warriors.

Chichibu Yomatsuri The heaviest floats in Japan are raised to the highest hill in a colourful festival.

Hogmanay in EdinburghHogmanay Festival
Hogmanay in Edinburgh is the ultimate way to celebrate the new year. Seasoned participants Festivalpigs divulge their top tips on how to ring in the new year. Accommodation, best areas and many more details. What is it about Pagan rituals in Winter that gets us all warmed up !

Woodford Folk Festival
Get back to the root traditions of Aborigine culture at Australias biggest indigenous festival.

Santa Run WalesSanta Run
Join the Welsh village of Newtown in a record attempt every year.

Burning the Devil Fiesta
Guatemalas Burning Devil festival is the perfect way to exorcise your demons.

Fiesta Santo Tomas
Fiesta Santo Tomas in Chicchicastenango in Guatemala: a death defying religous festival- all the details here.

Fiesta Grande in Andacollo
Fiesta Grande Andacollo in Chile is a huge traditional celebration for Virgen Rosario.

New year eve Times Square

New Years Eve in Time Square
New Years Eve in Time Square is the best place to celebrate the past and rejoice to the future. 1 million people gather for this awesome street party.

Kerstbier Beer in Essen
Kerstbier Beer Festival a quaint celebration Belgian and indeed world beers in the town of Essen.

Turkey Parade
Join the poultry & Farmers of Licque parading with pride throughout the streets.

Celebrate January Festivals in the New Year in Brasilian beach party style.
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