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by Sara Buselli Press Office
(Florence - Italy)



Florence | April - July 2013

6 - 27 April 2013
Multiverso, via Campo d’Arrigo 40/r
Opening April 6th at 7 pm

It’s born in Florence a brand new festival dedicated to international contemporary art: it’s the Festival of Contemporary Visions, conceived and organized by DAY ONE (www.dayone-art.com). It’s a festival of visual arts created with the intention of bringing to Florence the best of international contemporary art scene and mix it up with the work and research of Italian artists. Thus, "contemporary visions" proposed will be those of many artists, with different nationality, age, discipline and background. All of them will put a piece in this festival, as in a huge mosaic made by tiles-polaroid and which describes the world where we live. The festival will be organized in different locations all around Florence from April to July 2013, and it will be composed of four ARTCLOUD (artistic sessions) one for each month.

The first event, ARTCLOUD#1, the real starting point of the festival, will be hosted in a real contemporary place, the exhibition gallery of the Multiverso (via Campo d'Arrigo 40 / r). The opening of the festival will be celebrated by an exhibition of young Russian performer Mischa Badasyan who will perform for the first time in Italy, with his performance SUPERSTAR, specially designed and produced for the festival and for the Italian audience. The work of "live art" wants to reflect on the concept of "superstar" as a person being valued and envied by the masses. However, being a superstar is also a huge responsibility in a Western society that exalts the work, competition and determination. Further divide people between superstar and ordinary people can be psychologically stressful. Through the performance will offer participants the opportunity to believe in their own abilities and extraordinary abilities and to live the experience of being and feeling like a superstar. All you need is the desire to believe.

ARTCLOUD#1 and his preparation will be in the real DAY ONE- style, a production 2.0. Thus, the works of art will be "augmented" with the technology of the QRCode, which will provide additional content. About the author, information about the work, but also new insights suggested by the work itself. An physical and virtual artistic path which hosting the best of national and international art scene represented by the works of our12 artists:

Ivania Guerrero (Nicaragua – USA), Ráyka (Japan), Johan Wahlstrom (Sweden), Scimon (Italy), Timothy Holt (UK), Federica Vangelisti (Italy), Alessandra Guttagliere (Italy), Gillian Holding (UK), Maria Marta Radman (France), Susanna Mammi (Italy), Vinzenz Fengler (Germany), Louise Patey (UK).


Press office:
Sara Buselli sara@dayone-art.com, Francesca Ferrari francesca@dayone-art.com

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