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Cornerstone Festival - Bushnell, IL

by Staci
(Rockford, IL USA)

Porta-Potty Seranade

Porta-Potty Seranade

It was a hot, muggy day at the Cornerstone Festival. The air reeked of dirty toilets. There was a walking crowd playing instruments and singing impromtu songs for the passer-bys. I joined them and suggested we have a Porta-Potty Seranade. We spotted someone that had just went in and so we all crowded around the toilet.

Everyone began playing their instruments and one guy sang a little tune about "I bet you're wondering why we're out here singing to you, and it's because we know you're in there taking a poo!" And the song went on and on and on. The guy didn't come out for about 10 minutes. Finally, he emerges red faced and smiling while the musicians play the triumphant end of the song. Everyone claps and cheers him on!

In 2010 the Cornerstone Festival is on from June 28th to July 3rd, there's live music at this festival as well as BMX competitions & street art.

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