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Chinese New Year

Chinese new year

When & Where The Chinese New Year usually takes place on the first day of the Lunar Year, in 2009 it was January 26th. Here are the dates for the next few years:

2011 February 3 The Year of the Rabbit

2012 January 23 The Year of the Dragon

2013 February 10 The Year of the Snake

2014 January 31 The Year of the Horse

2015 February 19 The Year of the Sheep

Expect Lots of fireworks. It's the most important festival in China and Taiwan and it also celebrated in Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam. In China most crowded places are Beijing and Shanghai

China's Traditions at New Year

People give lots of gifts, make decorations, traditional foods and clothing. Houses are decorated with red color paper to represent happiness, wealth and longevity. On the Eve of Chinese New Year families across the country enjoy a feast with delicacies such as pigs, ducks and chicken in sweet and sour delicious dishes. The night is celebrated with firecrackers and the morning of New Year children receive money in red paper envelopes to symbolize a promise for the future. This is called the Hong Bao meaning red packet. >

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