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Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival

by PnJ Communications

Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival

Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival

Name: 2010 Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival

Period: Wednesday March 17 - Sunday, March 21, 2010 (5 days)

Venue: Cheongdo Bullfighting site in Hwayang-eup, Cheongdo-gun
- Host/organizer: Cheongdo-gun County /Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival Committee

At this Korean festival you can see..

Bullfighting Competition by Weight

The best fighting bulls from Korea and overseas gather for an excellent display of power and suspense that will grip and thrill the audience.

Various Experiential Programs

A wide range of experiential programs are available, including traditional games such as tuhonori (throwing arrows into a box) and jegichagi (kicking a shuttlecock), cow topiary making, and experience in entering stables.

Topiary: Crafting and Decoration

Topiary comes from the Latin word topia, which means trimming plants. Visitors can practice the art of topiary by crafting cow and other animal-shaped decorations.

'Let's have a go' Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival, Exciting Matches to Give You an Adrenaline Rush

"is it that time yet?" 'It is!' Every March, Cheongdo heats up with thrills and excitement when cows and bulls known for their simple and gentle manner are brought to Cheongdo for a round of exciting matches. Bull fighting began as a pastime for farmers during the agricultural off-season.

In 1999, it was developed into an official tourist festival in Cheongdo, attracting international interest. You will be able to watch heated matches between fighting bulls at the Bull Fight Arena between March 17 and 21 this year, too.

A bull pushes its one-ton-plus body and sharp horns against its opponent. Being true to its loyal nature, the bull uses the push, horn lock, and other skills as his master yells, ?Go! Hurrah! Fight!? Of course, when the bull turns around to run away or backs off from a fight, it?s Game Over.

The Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival, where all the top fight bulls from across the nation are brought together, is always filled with thrills and excitement. And there is a winner and a loser for every fight. Trying to pick out the eventual champion from the pool can double the fun.

You can cool off from the excitement of the Arena by participating in one of the various exhibition and experience programs offered outside. There are experience programs such as stable visits, making feed for bulls and cows, and on-site bouts of ssireum (Korean wrestling), as well as Folk Farming Village Experience programs. These programs are ideal for entertaining and educating children.

Unmunsa Temple and the Wine Tunnel, as well as being popular dating locations, are good destinations for a spring outing. And you have to try Hanjae Dropwort, farmed in the clean valley of Cheongdo, gammallaengi (dry persimmons), and Cheongdo chueotang (Loach and Bean Paste Soup) while you are in the area. If you are feeling lethargic due to the lazy spring breeze, why not take a trip to the clean city of healthy living, Cheongdo.

Official website: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_2_1.jsp?cid=700911

Or contact:
(Tourism and Culture Division, Cheongdo-gun Office 054-370-2371)

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Jul 23, 2015
informative NEW
by: Hugh

I have heard about this festival and I have already decided to see this festival in the next year. I think before going I wanted to know enough about this festival. This blog will help me in that purpose. outlook not responding

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