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Cheese Rolling on Coopers Hill

Cheese Rolling Festival

When & Where The Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire usually occurs on Whit Monday / last Monday in May every year. Cooper’s Hill Nature Reserve, Gloucestershire, England. The first race is at midday.

Gloucestershire Cheese Roll 2010 was almost CANCELLED ! as the crowds have grown to 15,000 people in 2009, Coopers Hill is not able to accommodate such numbers and hence the event in 2010 was in danger of not going ahead.

However in a crafty last minute move the festival went ahead with only a few hundred spectators thus preserving the ancient tradition..

In 2012 the cheese rolling festival will take place on Monday 4th June 2012

Why No one is quite sure where it came from. Some say it dates back to Roman times. Others suggest it relates to an ancient Pagan healing ritual.

Getting here Flights to Gloucestershire can be booked here or take the Great Western Train from London which you can book here

Accommodation There's quality hotels and cheap accommodation too available in Gloucestershire here.

Gloucestershire Cheese Chase

Gloucestershire-Cheese-Rolling Decisions, decisions
1 If you want to Win or compete.
2 If you want to roll, tumble or run.
3 Where you want to start.

There are up to 5 races. Don’t go straight into a race if it’s your first year. Watch a race - learn where the bumps to be avoided are and where most people end up on the course. What sections if any injure people. It’s best to get a part of the Cooper’s Hill where there is less people and more space, as things can get crowded. Bring Knee pads, helmet, old tracksuits & a gum shield. Then await The Master of Ceremonies Countdown this will start the race.

Rolling Cheese Festival Champion

Festival Pig Fact Stephen Gyde is the ultimate champion winning 21 cheeses in 14 years. During the Second World War and until 1954 a wooden wheel with a tiny piece of cheese was used for the event. This was due to rationing. Ouch.

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