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Camel Wrestling Selcuk


When & Where Camel Wrestling Selcuk ; The official camel wrestling season runs from November to March but the best shows are in the Turkey’s Western area of Selcuk the third Sunday of January.

Camel Wrestling Turkey

What to expect Nothing from the top ropes! But lots of holds and reverse holds. It’s the camel mating season so their all testied up and looking to score. That said they do perform scissor holds, forms of headlocks and pins. A young female is paraded around – that’s about enough to get the lads fighting but it’s not gorey in fact it’s a very natural fight and a scream or fall counts as a submission. Some locals wager carpets on the outcome of a match.

Getting there Book a flight into Adnan Menderes International Airport here which is 60kms from Selcuk.

Selcuk: Turkey Camel Wrestling

Where to stay Selcuk has cheap accommodation and excellent hotels available here

Turkey’s Camel Wrestling Future This is in danger due to the cost of maintaining a Wrestling Champion Camel, there are an estimated 1200 wrestlers and this declines every year. The town of Selcuk has lots of great monuments and the parade on the third Saturday in janurary attracts plenty of people but the costs are very high especially if your camel is a yellow wimp.

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