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Buenos Aires Tango Festival

When & Where The Buenos-Aires-Tango-Festival usually occurs the last week in February/the first week in March in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The dates for 2011 are TBC but should be 15th February - 31st March.

Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Tango festival image from Pablo ck at Flickr This festival celebrates the dance of pimps and prostitutes in the land that created it. Expect hot latin nights and many tango-workshops

Getting there Argentina maybe a little far away but going to Buenos Aires is easy, it's well serviced by an International Airport book here & also by a train.

Where to stay There's excellent quality hotels in Buenos Aires available here.

Tango in Buenos Aires What to expect Tango concerts, dancing displays, exhibitions, classes, a one-minute tango film festival. This officially-organised tango-fest recognises the cultural importance of this beautiful dance form to the people of Buenos Aires Argentina.

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