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Accommodation Tips

Hotels Cheap Rooms from Festivalpig 1. Camper friendly Check if you can camp out or park a camper van near the festival, in case you want to stay in a tent, wigwam or van.

2. Location, location, location Book as close as possible - festivals can be over in a matter of minutes, don't waste time getting there and factor in the price of a taxi when booking a hotel room.

3. Be comfortable You may be nursing a hangover, making a guilty phone call or simply just assembling souvenirs- your comfort is important

4. Is there a curfew ? Know the latest time you can stumble in at. You may also want to know what time the hotel bar closes at.

5. Are strangers cool Some people fall in love at festivals and some people get locked out because they didn't know there was a curfew. If you fall in love a stranger may need to stay with you- is this cool with your hottel ?

6. Dressing gowns Are dressing gowns free ? a grey area for people on the way to the airport who forgot to buy souvenirs.

Hotel Booking Engine

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