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Tips for Flying

Get to your destination :) 1. Re-hydrate People do get dehydrated whilst on planes (it's science baby) so you are best to drink lots of water before, during and after your flight.

2. Going to the toilet You drank way too much water and desperately need to go to the toilet but you are sitting by the window and the person beside you is asleep and looks so happy. There is no easy way to do this. Cough very loud and shake your seat like crazy. If that doesn't wake them lightly tap their shoulder. If this fails gradually turn your tap into a poke and approach the sensitive 'rib tickling' area. If this fails you may have to gently climb over them!

3. Always the aisle Especially on long haul flights location is the key to enjoying your trip. If you like to so the take-off and landing get the window, if you want the best legroom make for the aisle seat on the Exit rows.
Fly me to the Moon 4. Bring shades, no-one forgets 'that guy' Your on-board bag won't fit in the overhead storage space. You know that, the flight crew know that and the 104 people impatient people behind you know that. However the cabin crew will always try to fit it in for you. This can result in minutes of fumbling and pivoting before the cabin crew give-up and store it up the front of the plane with their own bags. But no-one will forget that guy who wasted those minutes.

5. Keep it simple Aeroplane toilets are not spacious, some claustrophobic people find them bothersome. The trick to success in an aeroplane toilet whether you are doing a number 1, 2 or joining the mile high club is to keep it simple.

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