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Boi Bumba 2013

Boi Bumba Dancer

Boi Bumba 2012 Parintins

When & Where Also known as Folclórico de Parintins, this Brazilian carnival usually on the last weekend in June or first weekend in July. Boi Bumba is best spent at the Amazonian island of Parintins - 370kms East from Amazonas state capital Manaus - Brazil. It also takes place in Sao Luis. The Brazilian festival can also be called Bumba Meu Boi. Another great place to celebrate Bumba Meu Boi is in São Luís (Sao Louis) - the capital of the Brazilian state of Maranhão (Maranhao) from late June to August.

Amazon Carnival

Amazon-Carnaval-Boi-Bumba Each year these Brazilian rivals partake in a 3-day dance off and a test of the tongues. Bumba meu Boi also has a slagging match. But having had some of the slurs translated I can say they sould stick to the dancing. Houses in Parintin are painted in the colour of their team. Red or blue and hearts and stars are regular features on houses.

This sexy festival is a showcase for body paint and some locals have even tattoo'ed their local colors on their body!

Where to stay Book a Hotel in Parintins, The Amazon or anywhere in Brasil here .

Airports Flights in Brasil to Manaus are available here

Why Around 80 years ago a man named Monteverde recreated what was his favourite childhood story, leading to the discovery of bumba garantido. Bumba means hit and boi means bull in Portuguese. Boi, was a really happy Ox. This Ox was was loved by the entire village.

One day Pai Francisco killed the Ox for his wife Mae Catrina who couldn’t get enough Ox tongue. The village turned on the couple. More constructive villagers try to resuscitate the animal. Suddenly the Ox springs to life. All is forgiven and a carnival atmosphere ensues. In some versions the shaman, witchdoctor or even John the Baptist himself resurrect the Ox.

Boi-Bumba Brasil

Boi-Bumba Brasil Dance Off The competition lasts for 3 nights. Each team gets 1 chance per day to tell the story of Boi, how he was killed and resurrected. Teams use allegories, costumes, giant puppets, musical instruments (mostly drums) and of course dance.

What to wear Imitation animal, sexy bikinis, shorts, and runners so you don’t slip whilst dancing. Boi Bumba, due to its location is all about animal impersonation & (of course)story telling through dance !

DONT MISS THIS 15,000 people copying their Boi entering the Bumbodromo. The dance off, find a good seat early in the Bumbodromo, it seats 30,000. This Brasilian carnival beats the pants off the Samba schools in Rio.

The Gay scene Boi Bumba is a Brazilian carnival, if you look for it you will find it.

Festival Pig Fact Parintins experienced an economic explosion 1880-1910 due to rubber plantations which grow naturally in the Amazon. This allowed the island to create what was excellent European architecture & infastructure at that time and rubber lords would bring opera singers from Italy to perform for the rubber raqueters and their foreign investors. The explosion imploded once Britain started plantating the crop in what is modern day Sri Lanka. On geographic location alone Parintins is regarded as the most isolated city in the world.

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