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Beer Fest in FoCo, Colorado

by Tizzi

FoCo Beer Fest 2006 with my buddies

FoCo Beer Fest 2006 with my buddies

For those that don't know, FoCo (aka - Fort Collins) is the home of the CSU Rams and one of the best beer fests in the West!

Great food, tons of beer, and good music... what else can you ask for? Oh, and it just happens to be in one of the best college party towns in the country too! There's always hot college girls and the crazy college party crowd littered throughout the beer fest... it makes for an interesting time for sure! :P

The Beer Festival takes place in downtown, Fort Collins, on a Saturday through Sunday, usually in mid-June. And there's usually more than 30 brewers represented every year and over 300 kegs of beer served! So if you're a fan of beer and ever NEAR the vicinity of this party hub town during mid-summer, you should definitely check it out! I've always had a blast!

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