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Baby Jumping Festival
El Colacho

Baby Jumping Fiesta - El Colacho

When & Where The Baby Jumping Festival (El Colacho) usually occurs in the first week in June in Castillo de Murcia (near Burgos), Spain

What to expect Hundreds of grown men dressed in diapers. Matador-esque men taking a running jump over a line of babys whilst their proud parents look on with approval. Honestly !

There is also a grown man running around Castillo de Murcia in a chicken suit chasing everyone around the town. This is part of the tradition and we are not sure what happens when he catches you... He is part of Santísimo Sacramento de Minerva who organise the festival and are allowed to chase people all day.

Getting there Book a flight into Murcia/ Alicante Airport here, then take a train to Castillo de Murcia here.

Where to stay Castillo de Murcia has cheap hostels & pensiones quality hotels and cheap accommodation available here.

El Colacho Fiesta History

El Colacho Fiesta History History This festival may seem evil but it's far from that. Since 1620 locals perform this exorcism. Tradition (and track record too) proves that by jumping over babies the men are removing the evil from these toddlers.

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