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Festivalpig is one character but it represents a team of fun seekers from around the world dedicated your festival experience. We work with local tourist boards and festival organisers throughout the world to ensure that we have the best photos, information and fun lined up for you.

The Team

Conor Devine

- I'm A seasoned traveller and the founder of the website. I edit all content (even that of our English speaking journalists) and have the final say ! I look for new directions to move online and make sure the pig does not miss a trick.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Favourite Festival: Oktoberfest

Isabella Fuego

- I am proficient with the Festivalpig CMS (Content Management System) and I manage the upkeep of our festivals blog stream.

Location: Dublin/San Francisco

Favourite Festival: Burning Man

Lisa Godson

I got out of bed that day and thought of being a London 'it' girl, prancing around in the latest Jimmy Choos. After a 'second take' I strapped on my wellies and danced for days at the Glastonbury festival. In 2009 I was at a UK festival every weekend between June and September. Lets see what happens in 2010 !

Location: London

Favourite Festival: Glastonbury/Bestival

Jane O'Neill

- I am the traditional Irish festival correspondent. I am a member of the Irish band 'fíor anam' ('true soul' in Gaelic) and it is my duty to provide excellent coverage of the latest in the traditional music scene.

Location: Galway, Ireland

Favourite Festival: Fleadh na Gcuach

Hans Lieber

- Amateur dj. Ok very amateur dj :) but I think I prefer to dance. I get around the electro-music circuit in Europe and sometimes on other continents too. I love the after-parties !

Location: Germany

Favourite Festival: Geneva Lake Parade

Ryan Stratham

- I am a traditionalist. A couple of Hemingway novels ignited my hunger to travel and throw caution to the wind. I soon found myself teaching English in Madrid and escaping every weekend to bizarre festivals throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Location: Madrid

Favourite Festival: San Fermin

Lorenzo Rocco

- I am probably the worst English speaker on the team and the least well travelled ! However I bring years of experience of Italian festivals to festivalpig. Since I was young my father brought me camping to the best in traditional Italian festivals and now I do so with my son.

Location: Roma

Favourite Festival: Palio di Siena

Lars Oberst

- I am originally from the east side of Berlin and once the wall went down we all went crazy. Although I did not attend the original Love Parade, I have attended every one since and this is my gift to Festivalpig. I love the music and how it has changed and my role here is to keep the website informed on this one festival.

To put my job in perspective: the Love Parade is the biggest 1 day event in the world !

Location: Essen, Germany

Favourite Festival: Love Parade

Sheila Watson

- G'day guys & girls I am a true Sydney Sheila through and through and I look after the Australian festivals on Festivalpig. There are lots of excellent parties down under so check out our Australian section and start wandering !

Location: Sydney

Favourite Festival: Big Day Out

Mofi Sonnasonpong

- My father was a diplomat and so since I was young my family have travelled throughout Asia. This nomadic lifestyle was boring at first until I realised the wonderful festivals throughout Asia readily available to those who look for them. See my Asian festival section...please !

Location: Bangkok (Probably somewhere else by the time you read this)

Favourite Festival: Songkran

Emile Lopez

- Having travelled from Alaska to Argentina twice I qualify as main editor for the 'Americas' section on Festivalpig. I am a traveller. For me there is no difference between festivals and the day to day joy you can find in the darkest corners of the world. But I formalise these sentiments for the pig ! I still spend my summers travelling to festivals in the Americas in my Volkswagen camper-van and I do not think to ever settle down.

Hasta muchachos !

Location: San Diego/Bogota but always moving

Favourite Festival: easy - Boi Bumba on the Amazon

Daly Nugent

- I realised how awesome festivals were after my college finals. Gone were the days of campus parties and here were the days of finding the next 'getaway weekend'. A getaway with a purpose is the best excuse to party, with this in mind I frequent any North American festival I can and party hard.

Location: Chicago

Favourite Festival: St Patricks Day of course !

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