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Zurich Street Parade

Zurich Street Parade Techno Music

When & Where The Zurich Street Parade is an awesome European trance and techno festival which usually takes place the second weekend in August in the city of Zurich in Switzerland. The Parade occurs on a Saturday but the parties go on all weekend.

What to Expect A Techno Parade of floats with trance music and all things house music too. Initially I was disappointed with this festival when compared with the Berlin Love Parade(my favourite festival ever !) but as the original Love Parade has changed location over the last few years this dance festival has exploded with even better djs banging funky sets to a hedonistic & happy crowd. Although the official parade begins at 1pm and finishes at 10pm, the entire weekend is dedicated to parties and good times.

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Accommodation in Switzerland

Where to stay Book your accommodation for the street parade below. There's quality hotels or budget accommodation in Zurich & Switzerland here.

History of the Zurichs Street Festival

This festival started in 1992 by student Marek Krynski and was called the Demonstration for Love, Peace, Liberty, Generosity and Tolerance. The festival consisted of 1000 friends dancing behind 2 Lovemobiles (modern day Technoparade dj floats). Today just under a million people line the streets to dance and go wild.

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