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Zanzibar Film Festival

Zanzibar Film Festival 2010

When & Where The Zanzibar Film Festival occurs on the island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania in Africa. It usually takes place late June or early July.

What to expect This is a showcase for film art from East Africa and beyond. Since 1997 The Zanzibar International Film Festival - East Africa's largest event - draws together countries of the dhow for a celebration of film and music set in the magnificent waterfront of Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar.

In 2009 Danny Glover's (Mel Gibsons ill chosen partner in Lethal Weapon) film, Toussant, opened the festival, while 24 African film directors attended, including 4 female directors their own debut feature films. Reggae Sunplash was a the 2009 musical with international acts collaborating on a Bob Marley tribute. There's also shows on the nearby island of Pemba.

Zanzibar Festivals

There is also an awesome music and fringe festival in Zanzibar in February called Sauti za Busara. Hey if you're interested in what the police force are like in Zanzibar, and if you want to know if they take a bribe from tourists dressed in board shorts on scooter motorbikes with no driver licence or insurance then check out our Festivalpig special report on Zanzibar's finest.

Zanzibar Film Fest Trailer

. Getting there You can get a ferry to Zanzibar from Dar es Salem, or fly there from Arusha, Dar es Salem and other airports in Tanzania.

Accommodation in Zanzibar There's lots of quality reasonable accommodation available on Zanzibar but expect to pay a little bit more during this festival especially in Stonetown for the beginning of this African festival.

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