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White Night Rome

White Night Rome

When & Where The White Night in Rome is an Italian Festival takes place for one night during the month of September in the city of Roma in Italy. Subsequent White nights also take place throughout other European cities in Romania, Spain and Malta.

Romes White Night

What to Expect The idea is simple: the city stays open 24 hours for one day only. All the shops, clubs, bars, laundry services and any service will be available the night with no sneaky siesta interlude. Even the museums, cinemas, theatres and art gallaries are availble through the twilight hours. There's also performance artists (circus acts and the like) & free music on the streets everything from Techno to traditional Italian music is provided on the beautiful Piazzas of Rome. Not into music ? fine, then take advantage of various offers available at some of Romes high end fashion outlets. There's also the Circo Massimo which is a gathering of 10,000 lights (one per person).

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Accommodation in Rome in September

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History: Romas White Night

History This European festival began in 2003 as introduced by the Chamber of Commerce.

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