Whispurr Social Network

Whispurr Social Network

Whispurr Social Network

The first decade of the 21st century inspired such online phenomenons as Susan Boyle, that Star Wars kid who thought the camera was off and of course social networking. It was to be the latter which would be re-invented and rule the internet supreme. 'Tagging' someone in a photo is understood almost everywhere in the world today and 'poking' someone you know is perfectly reasonable, even without their consent.

Beyond the countless applications which are added to social networks everyday there are certain 'wants' which are left unsatisfied. Whispurr is a social network which is targeting those 'wants' as it's core functions and is attempting to set the standard for the second decade of the 21st Century. Macro-messaging online Whispurr, with a look and feel similar to twitter, uses 300 character real time messaging which is not confined to the internet as it is also possible to send free messages offline to mobile phones (even by email !). Once registered, Whispurr asks you to create different networks for the different people you interact with.
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This simple idea allows users to communicate with people online in the same way that you communicate offline. Because you can make your friends network invisible you can be sure that your family don't see photos of you being tagged dancing topless on a bar the previous weekend !

Festivalpig Transfer to Whispurr

So Festivalpig (a hardcore facebooker) set-up an account !

So we have a following on facebook & twitter however after joining Whispurr.com and skyping with their developer Stefano Rocco we decided we will be transferring from facebook to Whispurr.com before the festival season of 2010 kicks in.

We feel confident to make the leap based on accessing Whispurr's google analytics account which provides that Ireland is the fastest growing user base. Festivalpig ranks high in Ireland (which is a very mobile festival crowd :) and this move will provide the opportunity to access a new festival market.

Whispurr adds value to your information because you communicate with your different networks online the same way as you do offline.

This value combined with secure privacy policy and the option to text people offline raises the question; why not Whispurr?

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