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Viareggio Carnaval in Italy

Via-Reggio-carnavalWhen & Where The Viareggio Carnaval festival occurs on the four Sundays before Lent in the town of Viareggio in Tuscany- Italy.

What to expect There's parades, fireworks, marching bands and blocos with hundreds of people hanging off it ! The nightlife is amazing as Tuscans flock from neighbouring cities for the nightclubs. The highlight of this carnival are the carri these are giant paper mache figures operated by up to 10 experts. These figures usually feature politicians, actors and famous Tuscan and Italian pundits. Silvio Berlusconi has been known to frequent this carnival to inspect how his carri looks. The carri end up in the carnival museum in Viareggio for the rest of their post carnival life.

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Viareggio Carneval Accommodation

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Viareggio Carnival History

History This carnivel was first held in 1873 and artefacts from this can be found in the Viareggio carnival museum.
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