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UFO Festival Roswell

UFO Festival Roswell

UFO Festival

When & Where The UFO Festival Roswell is an alien festival which usually occurs the first weekend in July (can make for an interesting 4th July celebrations) in Roswell , New Mexico in America.

What to expect 35,000 believers and skeptics. There's lots of concerts and music events, Alien Chase fun run, alien costume parades and carnival rides. An alien village is created in DeBremmond stadium, oh and check out the Alien museum.

Getting to Roswell Book a flight into Roswell International Airport hereor take a train to Alpharatta train station (20 mins from Roswell) here

Accommodation in Roswell NM

Where to stay There’s quality hotels or cheap accommodation in and around Roswell and New Mexico here.

Roswells Alien Festival - History

History In 1947 a UFO flying saucer landed in Roswell New Mexico. Or did it ? this alleged incident has inspired conspiracy theories and enraged skeptics for decades. Regardless of the rich alien history of Roswell and New Mexico the festival for Aliens has ben around since the 1990's and draws bigger crowds each year. The truth may not be in Roswell but it is out there....

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