Sun Festival Peru Inti Raymi

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When & Where The Sun Festival Peru AKA Inti Raymi is traditional Inca festival takes place on June 24th at Sacsayhuaman in Cuzco - Peru.

What to expect An actor who plays the Emperor Sapa Inca is paraded through the streets filled with music , prayers and dancers to the top of a hill on a golden chariot surrounded by his love interest and the worshipped and revered animals of the time : Condors and snakes. A speech is delivered in the ancient Incan language of Queachua after which a false sacrifice of a llama heart is made , then bonfires and fireworks spark off the party that winds back through the streets. ***USA-Festivals-below-paragraph-1.shtml***

Perus Sun Festival

Getting there Book a flight into any Cuzco airport (Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport) here or book a train to Cuzco here

Cuzcos Sun Worshipping Festival

Where to stay Cheap accommodation and hotels are available in Cuzco during the Inti Raymi are available here

Peru Sun Festival-Inti Raymi by Sergio Pessolano History of the Sun Festival in Cuzco:Inti Raymi Traditionally an Incan Festival Inti Raymi was banned by the conquistadores in the 16th Century. However in the 1940's the writings of Perus "El Inca" (16th Century poet, half conquistadore, half Incan) rejuvinated the Inca pride provided an excellent account to reconstruct the Festival of Sun.

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