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St Anthony Festival in Portugal

St Anthony Lisbon

When & Where The St Anthony Festival Lisbon Portuguese Festival is best spent in the capital of Portugal: Lisbon. It occurs around June 12-14th every year.

What to expect It’s a celebration of Portugal’s patron saint St. Anthony and so there’s street parties, traditional dancing, fire works, bonfires and of course the scent of sardines: St Anthony is regarded as a mass miracle worker and among his finest achievements is talking to the fish by the Italian town of Rimini. The Alfama district of Lisbon is the best place to be for this festival.

Getting there Book a flight into Lisbon Airport here here or go to Lisbon By train here

Accommodation Lisbon for St Anthonys Day

Where to stay There’s lots of accommodation available during the St Anthonys Festival in Lisbon: book quality hotels or cheap accommodation in advance here.

St Anthonys Day in Lisbon : A History

History Saint Anthonys Day (or Santo António de Lisboa) was born in 1195 he performed miracles for amputees, horses, the elderly and was a matchmaker. There’s a church the Igreja de Santo António da Sé where he was born in Lisbon and there’s also a neighbouring museum Museo Antoniano which chronicles his life and also has pictures of St Anthony.

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